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“We want you not to fall sick in the first place”

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The sky is the limit in the power of holistic  health approach

Harmony Produces Health & Discord Produces Disease

We are out to inspire and empower you on the power of the earth, plants and other natural remedies in the application to both prevent, halt or even reverse chronic lifestyle diseases.

How Does Health or Disease Occur?

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, Earth and Plant

A person is comprised of four interdependent aspects namely, the mind, body, spirit and soul. The person interacts with the earth and plant in a harmonious way to create health.

Our bodies came from the earth based on the scripture books and shall go back there at the end of our lives. Plants have roots on the earth and feeds on the earth. They make nutrients that provide nutrition, healing and life to humans. Plants connect the world below and above the earth. Man and plants are therefore one.

A harmonious interaction between the mind, body, spirit, soul, earth and plants these results in vibrant health manifestation. A discord between them results in the manifestation of a myriad disease symptoms. Your lifestyle and thinking is what may either create harmony or discord here. We are told that almost 90% of diseases may have their roots in the mental aspect. How about nutritional deficiency due to junk foods contribution? Hence you need tips and ideas on how to master your body, mind, spirit and emotional health. We will provide you with updates on simple do it yourself procedures so that you do not fall sick in the first place.

If we destroy or modify the earth or plants in our environment then our health status will undergo an adjustment accordingly.

Discord manifests disease

Cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, impotence, infertility, stroke, cardiac problems, mental health etc are just a few sturbbon ailments with no cure in sight. They are all consequences of discord in the mind, body spirit and emotions. Drugs cannot bring into harmony the interdependent relationship between these four entities. They are poisons hence promote toxicity and discord within the body cells, tissues, organs and systems. However, they are capable of suppressing the signs and symptoms bringing about symptomatic relief. Well as we all know, prevention is better and cheaper than cure. The power to prevent disease rests squarely at your doorstep. Your lifestyle and thinking all influence whether you’ll continue being well or become a part of the lifestyle diseases statistics. Primary healthcare promotion is paramount. Holistic health empowement is cheap and rests squarely in your hands. Our website and blog are filled with healthy hints and tips on what you can be able to do to master your own and loved ones health. We want you not to fall sick in the first place. ‘Be your own doctor’. That’s our point of focus. Welcome.

Your Food Your Medicine, Your Medicine Your Food

“We Want You Not to Fall Sick in The First Place”

Alfred Okoko – Life & Health Transformation Coach

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