Healing Your Body through Correct Nutrition – PentaGlax Healthy

By Alfred Okoko

Whole-food plant based nutrition

Did you know that most of the chronic degenerative diseases are actually preventable and are diet related? Therefore, man needs to learn more about his diet and health. You are what you eat both in terms of health and disease manifestation. Our bodies need whole food. Food supplies nutrients that are used by our bodies for energy and repair.  Man and plants have a symbiotic relationship. Our bodies came from the soil. Plants feed on the same soil providing our bodies with necessary nutrient spare parts.



Modern man has developed technology that is capable of refining and processing foods. This has helped in terms of mass production and preservation of foods. However this development comes at a huge cost in terms of the quality of mans health. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers just make things worse due to toxic residues pile up. Processing and refining takes away vital nutrients from foods thus promoting subclinical deficiency disorder. This deficiency may not be diagnosed immediately but in the long run clinical symptoms may arise. This may explain the current proliferation of lifestyle diseases as people advance in age.

Plant Foods

Whole foods contain nutrients in teams from their original sources. Each team member has a particular role to play in their team effort work in the body to bring about vibrant health. A football team for example will perform better in a match with eleven players and not two or one. Nutrients were also placed by nature in the vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts etc in teams and in a naturally precise ratio. Each member has an essential role designed by nature.


When it comes to our nutritional states we may at any one time fall under three classifications namely:

  • Desirable nutrition
  • Undernutrition
  • Overnutrition

Let’s describe them briefly so that you may be able to know your state and members of your beloved family.

Desirable Nutrition

The body requires a number of nutrients that may majorly be obtained from plants. This includes vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats , oils, minerals, antioxidants etc. A desirable state of nutrition is when your body has an adequate nutrients reserve for both the normal functioning and a reserve for any emergencies that may arise. This status is the one that we should aim for. It is achieved by balancing our food sources so that we can obtain a bit of the best from our plate.


This state is also reffered to as malnutrition. The bodies nutrients desire are not being met. This makes the body shut off some body processes hence leading to disease. We may eat foods of one type only and be deficient. We can also feed on a ‘rainbow’ of refined and processed foods and be nutritionally deficient. These processes have removed some vital nutrients from the foods. Malnourishment there exists at a subclinical level. You and your physician may not be able to detect this . Most diseases whose root causes are unknown may actually be the result of this malnutrition.


In this kind of situation you find that an excessive amount of a certain nutrient is being introduced in the body. Remember we said that balance is the key to vibrant health. Discord is the root of disease. A good example here would be the excessive consumption of sugary and fatty foods. We get an increase in calories beyond what our body can handle. The body is therefore forced to store this extra calories as fat. This leads to conditions such as obesity. The cholesterol is also now deposited in the arteries leading to their hardening or arteriosclerosis. This now leads to conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, cancer, diabetes, impotence etc. All this is due to a prolonged lifestyle of overnutrition.

Conclusively, we can actually see that we create most of our lifestyle diseases out of ignorance on the good, bad and ugly side of food. Foods can heal and foods can harm. Balance your plate to obtain all the nutrients required for healthy living.


Your Food Your Medicine, Your Medicine Your Food

Published by Alfred Okoko

Life & Health Transformation Coach

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