Arthritis Root Cause vs Symptomatic Suppression Approach in Healing: Pentaglax Home Remedies


About 90% of most diseases are suspected to have their root causes in the mind. Mind is creative. The mind is connected with your immune and repairing systems. All your trillion cells are in constant communication with the mind. That’s why spontaneous healing in some people is not a surprise. It is done unto you based on your belief in the scripture books seems to be making a lot of sense here.

Positive and Negative Thinking


Positive and negative thinking impacts the body cells differently. Health is the harmony between the mind, body, soul and spirit. Disease is the disruption of this harmony. Arthritis too is basically the clustering of various signs and symptoms as a consequence of disruption in the harmony of these four parts that make you. There are over 100 different forms of arthtitis that have been identified to date. They are basically named after the tissues affected etc inorder to differentiate them. Therefore currently we do not have a single magic bullet treatment for all forms of arthritis. This is why it’s important that you should be empowered to do something for yourself. You did create your unique form of arthritis! How? Wrong living plus wrong thinking in your past. Well your body has the memory stored up. You can be able to retrace your past ‘sins’ to the health of your mind, body, and spirit. The outcome of these is dis-ease. Your health is in your hands.

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Wrong Living and Wrong Thinking


All Diseases are the consequences of wrong living plus wrong thinking. These patterns have been stored within your body. Hence, your body may also access this data and modify them and create healing. However, the correct environment must first exist as a prerequisite. Spontaneous healing requires intent, desire, faith, hope and perseverance in the individual healing system of the concerned person. All are within your powers. You make your lifestyle choices. You decide what to think and believe in your life. Mindfulness practice brings your healing power into focus like a laser beam. A scattered mind is li a torch bulb that scatters light. A laser light beam is focused and attains a power that can cut a diamond. Mindfulness too helps you focus your mind power to the desired end. Give the direction at which this healing power should be directed to and it will commence to create the necessary healing. Patience, belief and hope are essential to attain success. Fear, doubt, worry on your part will scatter your healing power just like a torch bulb.

Your Past Has Created Your Present

You are what you eat

If your past created your present then you have to adjust your present accordingly to create your desired future! In this universe we are in the game of life and subject to the law of ‘sowing and reaping’. You cannot plant beans and expect a harvest of maize. You cannot plant seeds in mind, body and spirit of disease today and expect a harvest of vibrant health tomorrow! It would defeat natural universal immutable law principles. The universe plays a fair game to all. We can’t buy our way to health but are all subject to the law of attraction. Like attracts more likes! What you put out comes back to you multiplied! Nobody can do that for you but you! You are the driver in your life. You are the creator in your life. Furthermore you are genetically engineered differently from any other human being on planet earth.  Your blood types are also different, your genetic blueprint.The power of both your digestive and immune systems are also different. One mans food may be another ones poison. Disease and Health are outcomes. Therefore they each have different root causes.

Body Symptoms Interpretations

Pain and Inflammation are not the root cause of arthritis

Symptoms of health or disease are not the root causes but signals on your bodies dashboard. Pain and inflammation are not the cause of your arthtitis but signals on your body’s dashboard. Inflammation occurs immediately where there is some form of infection or injury. It’s function is to alert the body to come carry out some repair work on the afflicted parts. When you suppress this kind of inflammation, healing is now also hampered. Pain is the next signal. Pain is a protective signal. It tells you to go easy. Reconstruction in progress.

The Double Edged Sword

Painkillers and Anti-inflammatory Drugs are a Double-edged Sword

In arthtitis management, I would refer to pain management as a double-edged sword. Apart from bringing that desired pain relief, it now makes the individual carry out abnormal feats. Your joints are abnormal and you start operating normally instead of abnormally to help the repair work. The person will run or walk long distances under the the false impression of having been healed. However, the bones and other joint tissues end up grinding on each other causing even worse damage. Pain and inflammation are basic signals responding to some root causes within your body cells. There is disorder within your cells. Your body is crying to you to help restore order. Go slow on your current lifestyle and thinking. Helping your body with the correct natural tools will help halt and reverse these disorders and restore vibrant health.

Problems With Masking Symptoms


Masking symptoms will never address your condition for life. It will progressively lead to the need for joint replacement surgery faster. There will be progressive deterioration in your health status. Addressing pain and inflammation will give you a false feeling of being healed in the short term. The solution to your problem say lies in the North but you decide to travel East in search for the healing! The outcome is obvious. You’ll never find the solution to your problem thats hidden in the North! In this case I will reveal to you where North is. It’s the last place your current programming would direct your focus! Guess where? Within you!That’s where moths and other pests cannot consume. The Kingdom of Healing is within every man! Have you ever wandered why our brother animals in the wild are much healthier than we the civilised lot? Get back to your roots. They know that the Kingdom of healing lies within. Modern man believes that it lies outside himself. Therefore man toils and suffers looking outside himself for something hidden within himself. Take note that pain is not the root cause of your problem! Pain is no different from the oil light going red on your cars dashboad. Do you address the light by putting on a black masking tape or do you add oil in your car? Your body is no different.

Disease Onset


Your body has trillions of cells all in dire need of natural nutrition and detoxification. Mess up with any or both of these two and here comes the disease onset. Take charge of your body, mind and spiritual nutrition and detoxification.

Your Health is in Your Hands

Your health and wealth in your hands

We are out to inspire and empower you in addressing the root causes and not symptomatic therapy for life. The secret is no secret but lies hidden within you! What you create, you also possess the power to uncreate.Your body created your unique case of arthtitis. Therefore, that same body knows how to uncreate it! Only if you learn to co-operate. You cannot use the same thinking and lifestyle that created your arthritis to reverse it! Its insanity!

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