Why Are We Getting Sicker and Sicker?: PentaGlax Healthy

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Chronic degenerative disorders are on the rise especially amongst people aged 40 years and above. Why are we experiencing this phenomenon in an age of great technological advancement in health? Are we missing something somewhere? We are actually practicing symptomatological therapies for chronic degenerative disorders while the victims yearn aetiological therapies. We aren’t in harmony. People may be living longer now but low in health and happiness. Many are debilitated. How can we inspire and empower people to help prevent and detect early the onset of these diseases? Can we design and apply simple, affordable corresponding aetiologically focussed therapies?


Primitive Man vs Modern Man

We talk about man at the time of creation to have been primitive . Due to the advancement in technology over time, we in the present times are miles apart from our forefathers. Our lifestyle and thinking cannot be compared. Our health and diseases too cannot be compared. They seem to be going hand in hand. However, in nature which is our first home, our forefathers never lived alone. They had other company of animals, plants etc. They lived harmoniously with mother nature. Everything in nature was interdependent.

Going Back to Our Roots

There must be a solution to this menace back in nature, our original home. It’s time we dug up our roots and learn what we are supposed to know but don’t about ‘green health’. That’s where the prevention, halting or reversals of chronic degenerative diseases lie. Technology has no solution to cure chronic degenerative diseases as we can now see. After more than 70 years of cancer research and technological developments, people are dying more and more! Much greater than animals in the wild! Where have we offended nature? We need to find out this and make peace. Aetiological(root cause) therapies do not need technology. Animals in the bush practice it with no technology. Your health is in your hand. Self health is the beginning of both health and disease. You don’t need technology. Right living and thinking are all upto you. Wrong living and thinking are the precousor of disease. It’s all upto you. Technology will not help you. It’s your discipline in working in concert with natural immutable laws e.g. the law of sowing and reaping. What you put into your life will influence what comes out.


Your Food Your Medicine, Your Medicine Your Food

Published by Alfred Okoko

Life & Health Transformation Coach

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