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By Alfred Okoko

Food Farming

5 Types of Foods to Avoid With Fibroids

When we use the term food in our modern society we may not be on the same footing with each other. Why? We have real food then we also have refined and processed foods. Real foods are what are also referred to as whole foods. These are plant based foods that have not undergone the process of refinement and processing. We also have the words organic and inorganic foods. Organic foods are foods that have been grown using natural methods without introducing pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Inorganic then simply refers to food produced using modern agricultural productions of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and genetic modification. Therefore we have organic whole foods, organic processed foods and inorganic refined and processed foods. What’s the difference between these three? Well it’s all about the nutritional value.

The organic whole foods are nutrient dense foods and free from toxic chemicals.

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The organic refined foods on the other hand have lost much of their nutrient value due to the processing. However, they may contain additives during the processing stage to help preserve them.

The inorganic processed food on the other hand has lost its nutritional value and also has toxic chemicals residues from both the farming and processing additives.

Now let’s look at how your selection of foods may either promote you having or not having fibroids.

Processed Meats

Processed Meat

We have two types of meat in the market. Grass fed meat is obtained from organically brought up animals. Their meat does not have hormonal or chemical residues. These are the best for people suffering fibroids or those trying to lower their estrogen levels. We then have animals that have been brought up on genetically modified grains, chemical steroids etc. When slaughtered, we also have residues of these in the meats. These may promote the elevation of estrogen in the body, feeding the fibroids. We also have processed meats for canning or roasted meats. The additives are chemical toxins that may easily boost estrogen level rise. Fat is also found in higher quantities in this type of meat. These fats contain steroids that can lead to a spike in the body’s estrogen levels.

Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar consumption and carbohydrates are famed for promoting obesity in our society. Obesity is all about having a lot of fat and cholesterol. These push up the levels of estrogen in the body leading to fibroid growth.

Salty Foods

Salty Foods

A high salt consumption is not good in fibroids management. Your liver and kidneys are two very important detoxification organs. The liver helps detoxify excessive estrogen. Therefore salt adds a burden to those systems operation. The excess salt too has to.be slighted out at the same time as the excess estrogen.

High Fat Dairy Products

High Fat Dairy Products

Dairy farming may either be organic based or not. Where steroids are used on the animals, the residues may be found in the milk. Therefore, this kind of milk will promote fibroid growth.

Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated Drinks

These drinks contain caffeine which is a stimulant. The liver has a huge burden in detoxifying it. Therefore the process of trying to balance the estrogen in the body may be hampered.

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Your Food Your Medicine, Your Medicine Your Food

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