7 Steps of Healing Visualisation: Creating Health Through Imagery -PentaGlax Healthy

By Alfred Okoko

Healing Visualisation

Visualization is a mental process of creating the image of a future desired outcome as it should be. This is a subconscious programming activity. As a man thinks in his heart so does he become. Thoughts are things. The inner creates the outer physical.

Creation appears to be an inside out game. Every physical object in this physical plane was once in the imagination of it’s architect. The process of visualisation came to play. You get what you see in your mind or imagination. The imagination has been described as a workshop. It can create either heaven or hell on earth.

Disease and health creation are no different. Visualization can create either of them. Why not use it for healing then? We’ve heard of spontaneous healing when people renewed their minds. They left the old disempowering negative visualisation for the opposite empowering positive one. Disease is an illusion. Health is what is real. We are generally born healthy by default. We are therefore whole and healthy.

Let’s look at ways and means that we may use creative healing visualisation to create health in our lives. Athletes and other artists rehearse their successful desired feat in advance in their mind and succeed. How about you and your health?

Healing visualisation may be focused in two areas. We have the end desired goal as the point of visualisation. The second is having the particular steps leading to the goal as the points of visualisation. Either way will work but the end outcome one is simpler. The following 7 steps will help guide you in creating your own healing through your subconscious mind programming.

Step #1 – Relaxation


In order to commence the process of healing visualisation relaxation is important. Focusing on the present moment is necessary. We need to keep off fear, worry and doubt. These interfere with the success of this powerful healing practice. Faith, love and hope increases effectiveness. Hence find a way through say a simple meditation to achieve this essential foundation.

Step #2 – Frequency

Health is Harmony

The more you frequent this visualisation process the more the positive aspects will commence to be expressed. You’ll begin to start living your visualisation. You’ll begin to see opportunities that can help you heal yourself. You’ll start being drawn away from thinking and lifestyles that promote your I’ll health. The mind acts like a magnet. Repetition of an image or idea results in it taking root and manifesting from within to without. We are told in the scripture books to renew our minds or our visualisations if we aren’t happy with our life outcomes. How many of us heed to this wise words of wisdom? Very few indeed. Why? It sounds too simplistic. We want a solution thats more complicated costing plenty of money!

Step #3 – Clarity

Laser Cutting Machine

A touch bulb light and a laser beam here serve as very good examples. The torch bulb will light up a wide area but is weak. A laser beam on the other hand has its light focused. When exposed to a diamond the Lazer light can cut the hard diamond. The torch light cannot. Hence it’s important that you be very clear about your desired healing in details. See yourself the way the healed you is supposed to be. Become one with that new you. This helps the subconscious mind to be quiet specific in attracting the inputs that will influence the output.

Step #4 – Duration

Hold the Visualized Image

Hold that desired image of you healed as long as possible without doubt, fear or disbelief. The duration powerfully helps rearrange the healing process in your favour. Try to hold the image as long as possible every time you perform your practice. These two feats will augment the healing process.

Step #5 – Emotion

Emotional Energy

Thoughts trigger emotions or feelings. Emotions on the other hand causes biochemical changes in our body cells. These changes may either create health or disease. Negative emotions will promote disease e.g. fear, doubt, resentment, anger, worry etc. They lead to the production of excess harmful chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol. These may promote the production and deposit of cholesterol into your arteries leading to arteriosclerosis. This is the foundation of diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, cancer, stroke, obesity, arthritis, stomach ulcers etc. Positive emotions on the other hand will promote health e.g. love, joy or happiness. They lead to production of healthy hormones such as endorphins. These are anti-inflammatory and handle pain naturally.

Step #6 – Perspective

Spectator or Player Perspective

There are two ways in which you may observe what it is you are visualizing. You may either watch your mental movie as a ‘player’ or as a spectator. Different emotional levels will be associated with these two. A good example is in a stadium filled with the audience and players in the field. They are all focused on the game and all have emotions moving up and down. At the end of the game the players emotional intensity may be much more than the spectator going home if either they win or lose. When you visualize as an active player you tend to experience more emotions since you are associated. On the other hand as a spectator you are dissociated and the emotions are not as tense as in the first case.

Step #7 – Scripting

What You Give Out You Attract

What you write down is also actually being scripted in your subconscious. Therefore by writing all the details of your visualisation you create a more powerful experience. Read and re-read frequently as you continue with your healing visualisation until the healing process is triggered.

You need to commit to your healing visualisation process at least the first thing as you wake up and last thing at bedtime. At least 21 days practice will create a habit and the benefits will be realised. It Should be part of your lifestyle and not only to be used when need arises.

This program may also be used to program your subconscious to attain prosperity, fame, health and happiness.

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Published by Alfred Okoko

Life & Health Transformation Coach

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