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You hands can channel love energy for healing

Your hands can heal! How? I believe you can recall two kinds of scenarios in your life. In one scenario you are afraid, you are sad. These negative emotions are putting pressure on you. Then here comes somebody who is positive and loving into the scenario. This person touches you on the shoulders or back, looks into your eyes and tells you everything is well and cool down. You smile back mirroring his smile and other positive gestures. What happens next? You brighten up! The touch seem to be doing some miracles. You are now focused on the present moment disconnected from the past negative images. Positive love energy has been channelled through this soul to increase your vibrational frequency. In fact you feel so secure with his or her touch. Healing is being accelerated.

Let’s look at the opposite scenario two. When you are under these negative emotions someone who represents all the negative vibes comes along and touches you with their hands. What happens next? This person channels negative vibrational energy that makes you feel even worse. You move away from the person.

In scenario one we see hands on healing occurring and in two things worsen promoting ill health.

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Everything in this universe may be reduced into molecules, atoms then packets of energy. Therefore at the basic or foundation level everything is the same. May it be a tree, a building, water or even animals, we are all made up of the same energy. This is what we refer to as the quantum level. A quanta is a packet of energy.

Our body is a bundle of vibrating energy

Now we know that energy is all about vibrations. Low vibrations produce solid substances. High vibrations produce liquid, solid, vapor then….quanta! Take water for example. The solid part is ice. If you heat the ice you increase the vibrations of its constitution resulting into a liquid. If we continue applying more heat energy vibrations, the liquid now becomes vapor. Beyond that we can’t see it. Everything that is solid including you are vibrating at the quantum level. Your thoughts are energy vibrations. Therefore you are actually an energy transmitting and receiving entity. Your brain does this. It receives and processes the mind energy being received from the external environment and also being transmitted to the external environment.

Positive thought energy vibrations produces harmony and healing

Thoughts are things. They are energy and vibrate. We have positive thought patterns and vibrations e.g love, joy, happiness, hope, faith etc. These are high vibration form of energy. Conversely, we also have negative thought patterns and vibrations e.g. fear, doubt, resentment, anger, jealousy, worry etc. These are low vibrational form of energy. The following list of negative emotions must be well mastered. These are what may disrupt the harmony in your body and promote diseases:

  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Shame
  • Anger
  • Disappointment
  • Embarrassment
  • Being sorry
  • Sadness
  • Resentment
  • Hurting

All these emotions lead to disruption of biochemical balance in your body cells, organs and systems leading to disease manifestation. Feel them but discard them immediately and replace them with their more positive opposites to promote harmony and health. It’s most unfortunate that some people have decided to feel these emotions then not to let go. They have decided to take them into their possession. Result? A harvest of diseases whose root causes cannot be seen in a laboratory! Their root causes are in the mind. These negative vibrations have become auto programs in the subconscious mind of the affected. They’ve become prisoners in their own mind.

You are the author of your health or disease

Health and disease are outcomes in your life. In fact you are actually the author of both health and disease in your life. Your health is therefore squarely on your hands. It is you who makes choices to love, hate, worry, get angry, to fear, to be happy, to be sad etc. All these produce different energy vibrations in your body and either boosts or disempowers your healing mechanisms. Negative energy vibrations provoke the release of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol in excess. These excessive chemicals lead to the deposition.of cholesterol in your arteries. Your arteries become hardened and narrow. You now become a high candidate to get cardiac diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis etc. Positive energy on the other hand provoke the secretions of chemicals that help enhance our immune function and also help prevent excessive inflammation and it’s related diseases e.g cancer, lowered immunity, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Endorphins are released by these positive energy vibrations. This helps lower inflammation and also helps to check out on pain. It’s reffered to as a ‘happy hormone’. People who are always happy tend to have it in higher amounts compared to the other opposing group.

Your hands can transmit healing energy

The hands can heal. We have seen hands on healing practiced all over the world. It works if the practioner has learnt and mastered the art. The hands help in directing energy to the part that is sick or energy deficient. It is important to note here that you cannot give what you don’t have in hands on healing. If say the practitioner has negative vibrations then he has nothing to give. He also needs healing. If the client is in a more positive vibrational energy status then nothing will work for this practioner. Therefore before working on a client the practioner must be in a high positive vibrational frequency inorder to act as a channel to send the universal energy of love for healing to the affected. Love is the best medicine in the universe and it’s free. It has the highest frequency and can dissolve any frequency. The scripture books are filled with stories on how those who perfected this practice healed people and performed miracles. These practioners all reminded as that we can perform the same miracles using our hands only if we are prepared to do so. Take note that you do not heal somebody. You only act as a conduit of the universal love energy to the person who needs healing. For you to have this power then it means that your vibration must be attuned to the source of this energy otherwise your attempts will be in vain. You need healing yourself first.

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