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By Alfred Okoko

Health is a state of harmony between the mind, body, spirit and emotions

Health is a state of harmony between the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Healthy living and healthy lifestyle are what is being preached about as a way of responding to prevent, halt or even reverse chronic degenerative lifestyle diseases. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, alzheimers, stroke, cardiac problems, obesity, arthritis, impotence, peptic ulcers, fibroids, infertility etc. are all suspected to emanate from wrong thinking and living.

The mind, body, spirit and emotions are interdependent. We have mind health, body health, spiritual health and emotional health. We create health in our lives by ensuring that none of the above four aspects of the person is out of sync with the other components.

Are You A Master of Your Health?

Health and disease are like the two sides of a coin. You can flip the coin and either have the head or tail looking up. In other words you have the power to flip the coin. It’s no different in your life when it comes to manifestation of health or disease. You have to take charge of what you’ll manifest in your mind, body, spirit and emotions. People who constantly manifest health are actually masters of these four aspects of the person. Are you a master of your health? If not then a state of chaos will ensue in your life. This discord is what is manifested as disease.

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Money Cannot Buy Health

We have a scenario where the very rich, rich, poor and very poor all are manifesting disease as a life outcome. On the other hand too, health may also be manifested by both parties. What you put in your life irrespective of your social status will produce the same output. Garbage in garbage out as in the case of computers. Hence money cannot buy health. We have billionaires who are diseased and cannot buy their way into vibrant health. We also have very poor people whose poverty cannot also be exchanged for health. Therefore, money cannot buy health for anyone.

Attitude is Everything

Health and disease are the manifestations from different states of the mind. Attitude is everything. You may decide to portray either a positive or negative attitude to events in your life. Each choice leads to a different direction and outcome, health or disease.

Positive Life Choices Cost No Money

A positive mental attitude is empowering and creates harmony or health. It is known to trigger the realease of happy hormones e.g. endorphins. The immune system is also enhanced through this state of mind. Joy, faith, love, belief are all known to help boost both your digestive system and immunity. Therefore this attitude nurturing in your life helps create and sustain vibrant health. It costs pretty no money to achieve this. It’s free to you for grabs. You end up making positive life choices that impact your health status positively.

Negative Life Choices Costs Money

A negative mental attitude is a source of disaster as far as your state of health is concerned. It creates discord in your game of life. Fear, worry, anger and resentment etc are all disempowering members of negative attitude. They create the most conducive environment in your body to manifest a myriad of disease states. Cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, cardiac problems are all suspect cases that may have this as a root trigger cause. Negative mental attitude leads to the excessive release of harmful chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol by the hormonal glands. These may lead to the excessive production of bad cholesterol that is deposited in the arteries. The consequence of this is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries often referred to as arteriosclerosis. This status quo leads to a vast array of cardiovascular diseases as mentioned earlier. The immune function is also compromised under these circumstances leading to the proliferation of bacterial, viral and fungal diseases. This will definitely cost money to try and restore your health.

Creating Health Naturally

Everything in our universe has its origin in thought – health or even disease

Mental Health

The mind is where thoughts are generated. Thoughts are things. Everything in this universe has its origin in thought. We think ourselves to situations and things. Health and disease are no exception. You can think yourself to disease knowingly or unknowingly. The same also applies to vibrant health. You are the one in charge of your thinking and consequences or ultimate harvest – health or disease. Thinking yourself into health does not require money. It basically calls upon you to undergo a mind shift that means towards vibrant health promotion. We are under the immutable natural law of sowing and reaping. Whatever you sow in mind so shall you reap a bountiful in body – health or disease.

Spiritual Health

We are all spiritual beings leading human lives. Our bodies basically act as vessels that carry and hosts our souls and spirit. Spirit may be equated to electricity used by man to power his creations. Nature powers it’s creations with spiritual energy. If the spirit leaves the body death results. We have a lifeless body just like a lifeless television set without electricity. The performance of your television set depends on the quality of electricity inside it. If the power is low it’s performance will falter. Even human beings are no different. When your spiritual energy is low your performance as a human being is hampered. You body tends to move to a state of dis-ease. When you take action to remove the spiritual blocks in your life, vibrant health is manifested. Manipulation of your spiritual energy is basically under your own responsibility. It does not require money. It’s free. You decide to remove the spiritual blocks or resistances in your life or retain them and reap the consequences – dis-ease. You are no longer at ease as things fall apart!

Body Health

Your present body is the only vessel or vehicle that will help you play in the game of life on this earth plane. Every manufacturer expresses how to use their product to achieve the best performance. Nature has also prescribed what is the best fuel for the human body. A whole, plant based diet. Animals in the wild have lived for millions of years and are much healthier than most human beings. Why? They have obeyed nature’s manual for their health. They eat exactly what nature intended for them. How about our brothers, the apes? They are healthy as long as man leaves them in their habitat where they feed on whole food, plant based diet. How about in mans captivity? They may develop the same diseases as man as they are fed our nutrient deficit diets. Whole foods, plant based diets from nature are cheaper and more nutritious than refined, processed ones made by man.

Emotional Health

Thoughts trigger emotions. A negative though pattern will trigger it’s corresponding set of emotions e.g. worry, anger, fear, jealousy etc. These lead to biochemical changes in the body cells that commence the process of promoting disease. Positive thought patterns on the other hand leads to the triggering of positive emotions. These lead to positive biochemical changes in the body cells promoting vibrant health. Therefore, emotional health mastery cannot be bought by money. You create it.

From these discussions then we can see that vibrant health is created by ourselves in our bodies and life. The root causes of either health and disease manifestation lies within ourselves. Our attitude plays a major role in the determination of which side of the ‘health swing’ we may end up finding ourselves.

Inner Reversals Healing

Alfred Okoko – Life & Health Transformation Coach

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