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I am who I am

We always seem to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. This leads people into carrying out comparisons on their life’s achievements. This approach however is quiet limiting. Each individual lives his own unique life. Even our individual diseases also have different root causes. They may bear the same name but the root causes aren’t the same. Hence the approach to deal with them are also different and unique to every individual. For example somebody may have ulcers due to the prescence h. Pylori bacteria in their stomach. Another individual may also manifest stomach ulcers but are due to chronic consumption of painkillers for arthritis called NSAIDs ( Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) e.g diclofenac. Another case may be due to prolonged stress. Therefore we cannot use the same prescription to sort out these conditions. Don’t compare your condition with another’s. Find out your unique root causes then you’ll find your unique cure.

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Mental health

Mastering mental health is quiet important at this time of great disruptions. People are engaged in the comparison trap and hence forget that each has their own unique lifebook. Their lifebooks chapters are also unique. They are the only ones who are able to adjust the individual chapters based on their present circumstances. Many have forgotten this, started comparing their predicaments with others then develop mental health problems.

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We all have our own unique aspirations and life priorities. We can say that we each have our own unique life books. They are as unique as our thumb prints. Every book has chapters. Each chapter is selected by the individual then prioritises the order. My life book and the order of it’s chapters are uniquely mine and you have no business here. I also have no business in your life book, it’s contents and order. If I prioritise getting a good wife and family as my chapter 1, yours is basically to bless the same and be happy of my success. If you on the other hand decide that the first chapter in your life book is about real estate investment or proceed on with your academics, that’s fine. I am happy for you. Blessings. We are all successful based on our individual life books. We cannot compare ourselves. My chapter 1 could be your chapter 10. Your chapter 1 may even not exist in my book. I am not passionate about it. Therefore, I hope that we should avoid this comparison trap. It is disempowering. Anybody can set any goal and work his way up through focus and achieve success. Our goals and priorities are individual.

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Life & Health Transformation Coach

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