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Mind Power

Mind is power. Mind is energy. The mind is not a physical object like your brain. It is intangible. We create our outer world utilising mind power. Your present situation is the by product of how you’ve used your mind power in the past. Everything in this universe commenced in somebody’s mind as a thought. With proper nurturing, thoughts can be converted into visible things e.g skyscrapers, computers, vehicles etc. You also have a mind that when utilised well can bring something from invisibility to visibility.

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Mind made simple. Let me divide the mind into three distinct parts for the purpose of explanation here. Mind is considered as one. We have the conscious mind. This is what you use to consciously perceive your outer world environment. It’s tools for sensation are: the eyes for sight, tounge for taste, ears for hearing, skin for sensations, nose for smells. These are the windows of your conscious mind. It  acts like a super camera. It picks up all these senses in the outer environment sending them to the subconscious mind. This mind is like a spiritual hard disk.  It records and archives all your sensory experiences from birth to death. The subconscious mind is also responsible for the automatic activities within your body e.g. heartbeat, breathing etc. It also uses it’s past archived data to analyze what the conscious mind sends it, triggering appropriate responses. It is connected with the superconscious mind or God Mind. This is the seat of all the past, present and future . It is the seat of perfect ideas. This is where everything is. Hence, the subconscious is a bridge between the conscious and superconscious mind.


Imagination serves as a workshop. The subconscious works on images on the imagination and strives to have them realised in the outer world. The subconscious has its own unique mechanism of operation to help realise what has been imagined emotionally. It will attract people, situations, circumstances and opportunities in the outer world to assist in the realization of the object imagined with emotions. Therefore, you can become an expert in the use of your mind to attract only what you want and not what you do not want. You can create health, wealth, happiness, success or fame. What you put in is what you get out. Since you are in charge of your mind and body, you can actually bring about the realization of whatever you want in your life through organised mind power.

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Life & Health Transformation Coach

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