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When I was afflicted with arthritis in 2016, I set out on a personal journey to find out what alternatives existed in the green pharmacy of nature. I discovered that most people rarely take their daily amount of 8-12 glasses of water per day including myself.

Have you ever wondered whether your condition may be due to chronic dehydration? Water is important in the acidic metabolic waste detoxification and removal from the body. By failing to drink adequate amount of water daily, we end up with salts being deposited in our joint structure leading to damage. Compounded with an obese body structure you’ll find that your weight bearing joints will suffer. Wear and tear arthritis commences as your articular cartilage thins and wears out due to the rubbing of bones and dehydration. Osteoarthritis is in the making. Therefore when I started this water drinking business I felt great relief.

Did you know that dehydration can deny your joints the liquid required for lubrication? Water constitutes a major part of this lubricant. Lack of this lubricant will lead to the disintegration of the dried up articular cartilage. Bone ends will start rubbing on each other resulting in damage and arthritis is born. 

Did you know that acidic metabolic salts deposited in your joints can result in the articular cartilage damage? Take action today and commence a new lifestyle of drinking at least 8-12 glasses of clean water daily. This will help the body dissolve and flush out these salts via the kidney for elimination. It will also help in rehydrating your cartilage make up. The hyaluronic acid lubricant will also get a boost.

Today I am celebrating  being arthritis free for about 5 years after adjusting my lifestyle and thinking. If I did it, you too can! Start where you are with what you have! Never ever give up. Do not listen to what people say or believe about arthritis. Each individual person’s arthritis affliction has different root causes. This is why upto now no magica bullet drug has ever entered the market as a ‘cure all’. What worked for me may not work for some people. Some people whose root causes are like mine will obtain the same results like me. At the beginning I listened to what people said and actually believed that my condition is incurable. I played the victim role in life. For seven month I was on conventional therapies without much hope of a cure. I decided to take charge of my life and health. I made a choice to become a possibility thinker when I read Tonny Robbins personal development books. I developed hope, faith and belief that I could turn this thing around. I just kept on looking. When I researched the world of alternative therapies and applied a holistic lifestyle adjustment my life changed. I was 123kg at the beginning. Within about 5 months of my alternative approach I was at 92kg. I was now lighter on my weight bearing joints. I was also doing 8 glasses of water daily over the period. I also went on my blood type diet tailored for arthritis. That’s my story. I am arthritis symptom free and not on medication or support. I can even run a 100 meter race at 62 years. Kindly keep hope alive! You can watch my video below.


How I Cured My Arthritis Naturally

Published by Alfred Okoko

Life & Health Transformation Coach

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