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Arthritis and aging

When we reach old age we normally harvest the by product of how we managed our joints during our prime years. Those old trauma’s that we had forgotten involving our joint structures now come to roost. The extra baggage we are carrying on our waists now only compounds the problem. We are now overweight at old age. Our nutrtional diets had been poor and is no better now due to digestive problems. Our joints are now weak and here we are adding some extra baggage. Hormonal changes are also taking place at this time. They aren’t helpful. More complications arise. At no time are people advised on the subject of healthy joint care. This should be done throughout the age brackets. We shall have less people developing these joint diseases. Arthritis in all its forms is the prime cause of debility amongst the senior population. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid  and gouty arthritis are the most prevalent forms of arthritis. The following 4 steps if  incorporated in one’s daily life practice may contribute drastically in the eradication  of this debilitating disease in the senior years:

  • Healthy diet and nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Posture management
  • Physical activities

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Healthy Diet and Nutrition

Arthritis and diet

The food we eat supplies our bodies with necessary nutrients for repairing our body cells, tissues, systems etc. Our joints need these nutrients to carry out their efficient functions. A deficit in joint nutrition leads to progressive joint damage. Therefore if you aren’t following best practices of diet and nutrition then you are simply lining yourself up as a candidate for chronic degenerative disorder of the joints.

Weight Management

Arthritis and obesity

Obesity is on the rise worldwide. As it does so, arthritis is also on the rise amongst the seniors. We have weight bearing joints which are stressed by that excessive weight. Therefore the bones rub on each other resulting in articular cartilage destruction.

Posture Management

Arthritis and Posture

Different postures exert pressure on joints differently. Some postures promote stability. Others lead to the promotion of  joint damage. The backbone etc may be prone to this kind of damage. Some people sit in awkward positions hence placing excessive pressure on joint structure. Progressively, these pressurised joints will become damaged.

Physical Activities

Arthritis and physical activities

What you don’t use you lose. Muscles require movement to gain power. The more they are  moved the stronger they become. Also excercises will help to prevent stiffness of the joints.

Therefore the above four activities are essential for prevention, halting and even reversal of arthritis.

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