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Osterarthritis Remedies

Within every problem lies the seed of it’s solution. If you dare enough to be open minded and be able to think outside the box then therein lies the hidden solution.

The main problem with conventional therapies is that the products used belong to companies who are out to maximize on profits. They are right in a sense. These organizations have shareholders who expect the best of return on their investments. Unfortunately, coming up with natural cures is not profitable for these companies. They are investing share holders money in projects that may be patentable. These can guarantee a good return on shareholders investment. Even you if you were an investor in these companies you’ll demand the same.

Now, natural products cannot be patented and hence are not profitable. No company can pump 5 billion dollars of it’s shareholders money researching on say carrots to cure cancer. Once the information is known by the public, people will plant their own carrots and consume it. They will not buy the new carrot tablets or capsules made by the researching organization. Therefore the company will go under. Their shareholders investment for say ten years will go down the drain with no good return on investment. They will never get their shareholders money back. The employees will be rendered jobless and will be forced to move into farming or join the job seekers market. That’s not a prudent business thinking nor wisdom. A business is a tool for making money for it’s shareholders. That’s why all businesses exist including yours. They are not charitable organisations.

Conventional therapies in arthritis, focusses on the management of inflammation and pain. Arthritis is generally accepted as incurable utilising conventional medicines. Progressively over time the joints wear out and joint replacement surgery may be suggested. These are profitable ventures as opposed to using natural products e.g a carrot capsule. It makes good business sense since a business is created by it’s shareholders to make a good return on investment. Well, with this kind of scenario then it means that you must take charge of your health just as nature had proposed when man entered this planet. “Your health is in your hands” approach.

Nature has a lot of tools that can heal both your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Wild animals have survived in nature for millions of years including our ancestors utilising the power of nature for healing. Animals living in their natural habitat that has not been disturbed by man are much healthier than most human beings. They rarely manifest the chronic degenerative conditions that afflicts us. Right from what you put in your mouth, skin or breath in even think may have an impact on your health or disease.

You must first and foremost come to terms to the fact that you are the creator and healer in your life. Disease and health are all by products of your thinking and lifestyle. We are all under the subject of the immutable law of attraction. You own the root cause of your condition and nobody else. You need self examination in your past lifestyle to identify where you erred and is still doing so now. Somebody outside you cannot dig into what’s hidden within you. That’s why you must take an integrative approach to your healing. Get the best of conventional therapies and the best of natures therapies and achieve excellence. Nature’s therapies are within your domain. Drinking adequate water, eating healthy are not what you need to be reminded. They are nature’s free gifts.

You reap today in life whatever you sowed in your past life yesterday. Right thinking will produce the right lifestyle that promotes health. Wrong thinking will promote wrong lifestyle that will promote disease. Arthritis is amongst those diseases. The power of choice lies within you. You either choose the route to health or disease. Therefore, disease can be prevented, halted and even reversed when you take charge of your health. You must renew your mind. Inner healing results in outer healing. You can’t abdicate the healing of your arthritis that you created in your past life to other people yet you’re still practicing what caused it. Pain management will not cure it. It will mask the signs and symptoms providing a false feeling of healing. You will then continue with whatever lifestyle caused your problem in the past today  and damage your joints further tommorow through behaving normally yet your joints are abnormal under the influence of painkillers. Joint deformation will progress rapidly leading to joint replacement surgery requirement.

Take charge of your healing. The power that made you, the power that heals you is always within you. Simply get out of its way and provide room for it to do the work it knows best- healing and health. Go back to Eden.

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