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Holistic Health Therapies

The word holistic means whole. Man can be identified as being comprised of four interdependent parts. We have the mind, body, spirit and the soul.

We also have an interdependent relationship with the soil and the plant. Our bodies are revealed in the scripture books as to have been created from the soil and in death we go back to it. In other words we begin from the earth and go back to it. Plants on the other hand have their roots feeding on the soil gathering spare parts for our living bodies. They create nutrients that are vital for human nutrition, health and life.

In holistic therapy it is believed that disease and health are basically a printout representing either harmony or discord in those four parts and their relationship with both the soil and plants. If man destroys the soil and plants, he shall also suffer in disease. Healing cannot be done on single parts in isolation of the others but holistically. When harmony is achieved then spontaneous healing occurs.

The person and the disease are considered separate. The person came first. Disharmony of the parts followed second. The disease symptoms came third and are messenger signals on the body. The body is like a cars dashboard. This is no different from the red oil light on your cars dashboard when the oil level diminishes. When there is disharmony in your car because of diminished oil, the symptom of red light appears. Just like pain in the human body. Both the pain and the red light on your dashboards are messengers. They are not the root cause of the problems. They are all warning us to go slow and act on something that is not right. In the case of your car it’s the oil. Add more oil and the light will go off. In the case of your body the pain is there because of some discord in the harmonious interdependent relationship of the mind, body, spirit and soul. Find and restore this harmony and the pain will cease.

The approach we choose to take will have unique consequences. In the case of your car, you may decide to say ignore the red light and continue driving. You now place a black masking tape so that you cannot see the red light. Of course the outcome is obvious. An engine knock. If you took the option of stopping the vehicle. Top up the oil. The red light goes off. Then you still have your cars engine intact. In the case of the human being, say we gave a painkiller the equivalent of a masking tape and the person had a mental rooted cause. The pain may subside but the mental issue still remains unresolved. As long as the person persists with his negative mental stress pattern and it becomes habitual now operating at the subconscious level as an auto program, we have a chronic headache disease. The person will be on painkillers probably for life!

Say we adopted a holistic approach. We harmonised both the mind, body, spirit and soul. The auto program in the subconscious is over-written with a new empowering program. Spontaneous healing will occur. The headache will go and the need of painkillers done away with. The root cause has been addressed holistically.

12 Common Holistic Therapies

Holistic Health Therapies

There are hundreds of holistic therapies. The common thread among them is they are natural and focus on bringing about harmony in the person. Some examples are:

  • Aromatherapy

In this form of holistic health therapies different oils from herbs, spices and plants are used. They may be used in the form of inhalation, steam bath, perfumes or taken internally.

  • Herbalism

The practice of herbalism is as old as man. In this form of holistic health therapies utilises parts of a plant such as the roots, barks, leaves, seeds, flowers etc to prepare medicinal products.

  • Chakra balancing

The human body has seven energy centres which must be in harmony for vibrant health to be manifested. There are a number of techniques that are utilised to create harmony. These include, color therapy, meditation, visualization and crystal therapies.

  • Fasting

During a fast solid foods are eliminated for a period of time. This enables the digestive tract to rest and extra saved energy directed at detoxification and repair of the body.

  • Vegetarianism

There about three types of vegetarians. We have fruitarians who only feed on fruits and no animal products. Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat vegetables and take milk, eat eggs and other dairy products. Vegans on the other hand eat plants products only e.g. grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.

  • Diet

There are a number of diet plans in the market. Blood type diet plan is one whereby each blood group eats specific foods prescribed for them. We also have the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet etc.

  • Aerobics

Aerobic excercises help improve oxygenation in the body. These include running, swimming etc.

  • Accupressure

In acupressure the thumb and fingers are used to press specific pressure points on the body e.g foot and hands.

  • Homeopathy

In homeopathy substances that may produce similar reactions in the body are utilised in minute amounts to trigger the immune function.

  • Naturopathy

In naturopathy preventive healthcare is emphasized utilising natural substances that assist the body’s own healing mechanism to carry out it’s functions.

  • Nutritional supplementation

In this form of therapy nutritional supplements are used to both prevent and heal the disease.

  • Autogenics

In autogenics we use both self hypnosis, autosuggestion and directed meditation to direct the mind in healing and relaxation.

5 Benefits of Holistic Health Therapies

Holistic Health Therapies

Holistic health therapies are being used globally with remarkable results. They have the following advantages over the conventional therapies:

1. They can be performed by the individuals upon basic training at their own home

2. They are cheap to administer and pocket friendly

3. It is useful for both preventive and natural health restoration

4. It treats the whole person -mind, body, spirit and soul

5. Sorts out dis-ease at the root level

Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Holistic Health Therapies

Holistic Therapies

We are living in a modern world filled with new incurable lifestyle diseases. People are living longer through conventional medicine but with a lower quality of health and happiness.  We are carrying our diseases through suppression for life. People are looking for a solution to this status quo. We should all be schooled on the fact that life is a do-it-yourself project. Take charge of your health. Your health is in your hands. You are the thinker in your life and thoughts are things or tools.

We have thoughts that produce health and also those that produce disease. The choice will all depend on you. We are all subject to the immutable natural law of attraction. The law of sowing and reaping. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Garbage in garbage out. Disease is garbage out therefore there must have been garbage in your thinking and lifestyle in your past life. There must have been a corresponding thought seed.  This is what developed the disease and also continues to sustain it now as a habit.

Habits are auto programs operating in the subconscious mind where you may have little control. Addiction programs to smoking, drugs and alcohol operate here. In holistic therapy, we believe that at the input are your mind, body, spirit and soul. Right thinking and living create harmony and health. Wrong thinking and living create discord and disease. Your thinking and lifestyle can create harmony or  discord on these interdependent units producing either health or disease respectively. Harmony produces health. Disease is a by product of discord. We further believe that each one has a master healer within. It is the best healer  in the universe. The doctor dresses the wound but the inner healer heals in ways beyond human understanding.

The inner healer works best when harmony exists amongst the four units. Its operation is greatly hampered when there is discord in those four units. Therefore chronic degenerative diseases that have been declared incurable can greatly benefit through holistic therapies or complementary therapies.

Conventional therapies will help mask the symptoms bringing partial relief. Holistic health therapies will address any discord in the four units and restore harmony and vibrant health. Drugs cannot bring harmony on these four units as they work using the law of opposites. They are anti-diabetes, anti-arthritis, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotics, anti-emetics etc. Therefore conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, peptic ulcers, cancer, AIDS, allergies, cardiac problems, obesity, fibroids, impotence, infertility etc may also benefit profoundly. There is a root cause in that disease that has never been addressed. It may lie within the discord in those four units. Of course the healing progression and success will be greatly influenced by the condition of the person and deformities at the start of the program. However, everyone will benefit by living a more healthier life

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