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Holistic Health Therapies

What is a habit? A habit is actually a thought program that has become embedded within the subconscious mind. It is executed without conscious power. It appears as an impulse when certain triggers are present in the conscious mind.

Thoughts are mental programs. Lifestyle is a product of thought patterns. A western lifestyle for example will be influenced by western style thinking. This type of thinking repeated over time becomes a habit or a second nature operation.

The word holistic means whole. A person is comprised of a mind, body, spirit and soul. None of these is greater than the other. Each requires specific types of nourishment to be healthy. When all units are healthy, vibrant health is manifested in the person. We say a state of harmony exists. Health is harmony. When one or more of these units is not healthy then that discord within the system will be expressed as a disease. It is therefore important to understand habits that promote the nourishment of these four units to bring about harmony and health. In this article, I have listed them here for your benefit and others. We are promoting holistic global health awareness.

Healthy Habits That Promote Holistic Health

Holistic Health Therapies

1. Nutritious Diet

Plants and human beings have a big relationship. Our bodies were made from the dust. Therefore all our body’s building blocks spares are in the soil. Disease may occur when we experience a deficiency of these nutrients due to malnutrition. Since we cannot eat the soil, nature provided plants. They have roots that we do not have and use these to feed on the soil. The nutrients are then accessible for man to feed on through the various parts of the plant e.g. roots, stem, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds etc.

Eat a nutritious whole food, plant-based to obtain the natural health building blocks. Make it a habit!

2. Drinking Water

About 70% of our body is comprised of water. The blood is mostly water. Our body secretions are composed of water. The Detoxification process e.g urination, sweating, breathing etc utilise water. Dehydration is the condition that results when we do not have adequate water. This may promote disease. Toxic build up and deposits will take place within the body. The water also plays a vital role in cooling the body systems. A daily consumption of about 8-12 glasses daily is recommended. Make it a habit!

3. Sunlight Exposure

The sun plays a major role in our health. It promotes production of vital nutrients such as vitamin D. The sun’s energy also interracts with our body’s energy providing some rejuvenation. Lack of exposure to sunshine has been know to promote rickets in young children. Expose yourself to adequate sunshine on a daily basis. Make it a habit!

4. Excercise and Fitness

Our bodies require movement. During the process of exercising our body burns excess calories. The detoxification process is enhanced. Oygenation of the cells is improved. Our muscles get developed and become stronger. We experience general well being. Keep excercising throughout your life. Make it a habit!

5. Sleep and Relaxation

Our bodies need rest and our minds need recharging. During sleep most of the high energy consuming systems are slowed down due to lower demand at rest. More energy may now be availed for repair and maintenance work. At least 8 hour sleep minimum daily is essential. Make it a habit!

6. Prayer

Well, it’s inspiring in believing in a higher power that’s always working with you for your own good at all times. We are all created beings. By focusing on this power and creating a greater bond gives us confidence and courage in life. You at least believe that something much greater than you is in partnership with you and therefore you cannot fail. You may use any name e.g God, Nature etc based on your faith. Make it a habit!

7. Meditation and Mindfulness

We live in three aspects at any time in our life. We live in the present NOW moment. Yesterday is gone and is history. It will never come back again. You have no power over it. It’s already written in the akashic records. The future has not even come. Your future depends on your present moment NOW! Your past has no power over it. Meditation and mindfulness are practices that help centre you in the present living moment NOW. Anything below or beyond NOW do not exist in this present moment NOW. This helps disconnect you from either the past or the future moments that do not exist NOW. Some people are attached to their past that may be horrific. Some are attached to a self created uknown future that is horrific. All these two if left untamed will create stress in the person in the present moment NOW. This will lead to disharmony of the four parts leading to disease. You must live in the present moment NOW. It is the only time that exists. Make it a habit!

8. Positive Affirmations

These are based on imprinting positive statements about your future desired status into your subconscious mind. As a man thinks in his mind so does he become. Affirmations reinforce what images you are visualizing in your mind and help make them be realised over time. Your subconscious mind attracts people, situations and circumstances that mirrors it’s content from the outer world. Learn to program your subconscious mind with the use of positive affirmations to realise your desires. Make it a habit!

9. Visualization

The mind is like a garden. It utilizes images from your imagination as seeds of what you would love to realise in your life. Hence creating your desired future in your mind as an accomplished subject will trigger the mind to attract the same into your reality including healing. Practice visualization as much as you want. Make it a habit!

10. Forgiveness

Now the soul is for forgiveness. Unforgiveness is a heavy burden for it and creates discord. When you forgive self or others, your soul is harmonised. Forgiveness involves self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Therefore some people suffer inflammation and pain continuously because of this disharmony in the soul. Therefore there will be a net disharmony when trying to operate with the other three aspect of the person (mind, body and spirit) leading to dis -ease manifestation. Practice forgiveness for both self and others. Make it a habit!

11. Unconditional Love

Love is the highest form of energy. Love can dissolve blockages in the mind, body and spirit. Practice self love and love for others unconditionally. Many people are crying of pain and disease due to discord in this area. Therefore you’ll find that drugs cannot help. Love yourself and others at all times. Make it a habit!

12. Gratitude

You must make it a habit to practice gratitude. Whatever nature gives you in the present moment NOW is actually the product of your past life inputs. Nature takes you very seriously at your word. It doesn’t correct your desires. The problem people have is to ask the universe for one thing then immediately doubt whether they will ever get it. This is a mixed message to the universe. First you request for healing, say, your peptic ulcers. The universe begins to respond. A few minutes later you send a cancel order message through doubt and fear. The universe halts the healing process as recommended by you and responds by creating more disease! Therefore the universe responded accordingly and actually deserves gratitude. It has also been realised that the more you offer gratitude to the universe the more blessings you get.

Thank the universe for all that has passed through you as it simply has been responding to your past thinking patterns and imagination to create a corresponding reality in your life. Learn to think positively and have hope, faith and belief in the power of the universe. Make it a habit!

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