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Fibroids are masses that form on the uterine walls and are non-cancerous. They may trigger pain and exert pressure in the abdominal area. Excessive menstrual flow may be observed including pain during sexual intercourse. One may also suffer from a frequent feeling to urinate and even experience lower back ache.

Fibroids normally affect females who are still in their child bearing age. It has been realised that an excessive production or prescence of estrogen and progesterones may play a major role in the promotion of their growth. They seem to feed the fibroids. At menopause stage they normally shrink due to the reduced levels of these hormones. It is therefore recommended that unless they create a risk to life, there is no hurry to perform a hysterectomy. Simply focus on you and your lifestyle which is the source.

You have an alternative way to shrink these fibroids when you take charge of your health. By knowing factors that may promote their growth, then you know your ‘enemies’. Simply stop inviting them into your life and entertaining them. You simply need to focus on your body’s hormonal balance mechanism. How does it work? Can you influence it’s natural operation? Your thinking that influences your lifestyle also affects the your hormonal balance. Thinking is what is at the foundation of lifestyle. If you are suffering from a lifestyle disease then the solution is in adopting the right thinking and living practices. You don’t need an outsider to remind you that you are practicing wrong thinking and lifestyle in your life hence your lifestyle rooted disease. Do not compare yourself with others. One mans food may be another person’s poison. Furthermore your thumbprints are different. Simply learn to listen to your body and operate in harmony with it.

Pillsand surgeries are a last resort. In most cases they don’t cure the problem. They will only mask the symptoms and motivate you to continue practicing wrong thinking and living. The condition will come back possibly with it’s other cousins.

Thoughts are things. You are the one at cause when it comes to your thought and lifestyle, not your health care provider. Fibroids are effects of certain causes in your lifestyle. You have to play the detective in your life and help resolve this mystery. Therefore this basically means that you are at the driver’s seat in your thinking and lifestyle choices. You can therefore shrink and even eliminate your fibroids. The ball is in your hands. Right Thinking and Right Living.

Foods and LifestyleThat Promote Fibroids

Processed and Refined Food
  • Red meat consumption
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Preservatives and food additives
  • Dairy products and eggs from animals injected with antibiotics and steroids.
  • Obesity and sedentary lifestyle
  • Excessive consumption of processed foods
  • Low dietary fibre diet
  • Stress

Lifestyles That Heal Fibroids

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Excercise and fitness
  • Eat plenty of organic vegetables, fruits
  • Fish consumption and Omega 3 rich foods
  • Eat organic products e.g eggs, milk etc
  • Reduction of sugar and processed food consumption
  • Meditation
  • Creative Visualization
  • Positive Affirmations

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