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Positive healing affirmations

What is positive healing affirmation? First let me say something about mental attitude and health. We know that mental attitude is a powerful tool . It can empower you on one side promoting vibrant health and also disempower you on the other side promoting disease. We can either portray a positive or a negative mental attitude towards a situation or person at a particular time and space. What you put out comes back to you multiplied. The boomerang effect if you can recall. The mind plays a major role here.

Thoughts are things. A thought is energy. Thoughts stir up emotions . Energy follows thought. Emotions, e.g anger, fear, joy etc provoke behavior or action within your body cells, tissues, organs and systems leading to outcomes. Biochemical changes occur within the body cells to create a new body health scenario. For our purposes here, health and disease are the outcomes. Therefore, the quality of your health is squarely pegged on your mental attitude, positive or negative.

Thinking gives power to our words for good or bad. We may talk about mindset. A negative mindset or positive one. When we talk about health and disease, the mindset has been found to be a major influencer. A negative mindset tends to suppress the immune and healing functions. Excessive toxic chemicals e.g. adrenaline and cortisol are released within the body and begins to damage cells, tissues and organs leading to disruption in the harmony of the body systems. On the other side, a positive mental attitude spurs up these systems. Happy hormones e.g. endorphins are released. These are known natural pain killers. The system is brought to harmony. Therefore positive thoughts can heal while negative ones will promote disease.

Positive healing affirmations are positive thought statements carved out intentionally to declare a certain desired state as already existing and being experienced in the present moment NOW. This is a kind of reinforcement in mental reprogramming of the subconscious mind utilising the power of the conscious mind. The conscious mind is connected to your sensory windows. Touch, sight, sound, smell, taste etc are all sensed by the conscious mind.  It has been discovered that the subconscious mind cannot differentiate a true situation and an imagined one. The imagination has been described as a workshop. The images you place in your imagination most of the time act as seeds of the mind and soon you’ll attract circumstances, situations and people connected to them. When you visualise in your mind what state of health you desire, positive affirmations act like fertilizer to your desired images. They are positive statements about your desired image as if you are already living it in the present moment NOW. Your Present moment NOW is the only life that you have. The past is gone and the future has not come. Hence to create change in your health squarely rests on the inputs of visualisation and affirmation in the present moment NOW!

Many people are busy trying to program their minds with their painful, disempowering past or their feared future that hasn’t even come to pass in the present moment NOW. This is what creates disease in the present moment NOW. Some examples of positive healing affirmations could be:

  • Day by day I am becoming healthier and healthier
  • I am the healer in my life etc.

Positive healing affirmation statements are repeated several times in a day to saturate the subconscious mind. It is known that the subconscious mind gives priority to predominant thoughts or impressions like the positive statements accompanying the desired visualization.

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