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Word Power Healing

It’s amazing that many people have failed to master the power of their tongue or words. From the scripture books we are told that all that we see in this world came to be because of the ‘Word’. We are also blessed with the power of our own word to create our world and contribute to the creation of our larger world.

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We admire the creation of nature. All of this beauty has been the result of the power of the word. The word may be applied either in a positive or negative sense. Either way the word will leave the mouth of the sender and will boomerang back multiplied with energy of it’s likeness. The sum total of this boomeranged energy will be felt in the energy and body of the sender.

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Disease and health are both outcomes. Positive words promote the boomerang effect to bring back more energy of it’s kind to the senders body cells, tissues, organs and systems. Our body cells thrive on quality energy to create and sustain health. Our words greatly influence this. Negative words on the other hand when sent out by the sender boomerang back multiple energies of it’s kind and is fed to the senders body cells! These are generally toxic! They trigger the release of excessive toxic chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline. The cells are affected and their normal functions within the organ systems is therefore hampered. Disease is the end result or manifestation.

All diseases are differentiated by their symptomatic manifestation in medicine. A collection of these symptoms are given family names in medicine e.g. diabetes, arthritis, peptic ulcers, erectile dysfunction, infertility, depression etc. From this therefore it can be seen that the cause of the disease name for your present condition is not the collection of symptoms. The symptoms have come after the cellular health or harmony disruption.

The Genesis of your disease comes from the  negative word energy vibrations that harms your body cells, tissues, organs and systems that disrupts the harmony between your mind, body, spirit and soul systems. This is a state of discord.

Disease is a cry by your soul and body cells to you the captain of your life to go slow! You are off the mark from the Creators operation manual that recognizes LOVE as the highest form of quality energy for your body cells. From a scriptual point of view you have ‘sinned’. You’ve lost track therefore your body cells have been ‘helled’. There is inflammation (burning) and pain! Is it hell on Earth due to the inappropriate use of your words? The word can heal. We have seen healing feats performed globally utilising the appropriate application of the power of the word. Truly the word can heal.

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