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Healing from Within Out

From the scripture books we obtain a number of vital facts on the subjects of healing and disease manifestation. The outer world is the product of the inner world. The source of everything that is on earth has its roots from the invisible unseen world. May it be the computers, skyscrapers, road networks, parks etc all were ideas inside someone’s mind within. This world exists within you. It controls your outer manifestations.

Pain in your body is an outer manifestation of what’s going on within. Pain is not a disease. It is the body’s signal to you indicating that something is wrong within not without. Your primary attention and response should be within. That’s where the root cause is. Not outside yourself. This is where we fail miserably when it comes to chronic degenerative conditions. We are too busy looking outside ourselves for solutions to our inner problems. We even do not understand our inner problems most of which we are at cause on their genesis.

Nutrition quality determines the quality of health

Nutrition will have a major impact on the quality of our inner health that will be manifested on the outside. A nutritionally deficient diet will promote subclinical malnutrition then malnutritional diseases manifestation. Our thinking patterns too play a major role on the inner game and the result is manifested as a printout on the outside world of effects. Thoughts are energy. They are intangible. However, they impact our bodies glandular systems either positively or negatively via triggering emotions. The hormones released by our glands may either promote health or the development of a chronic degenerative disease through cells, tissues, organs and systems destruction.

Creating disease through poor nutrition and wrong thinking

We unknowingly create our own diseases based on our nutrition and thinking patterns. Prolonged sessions of anger and hostility may lead to tissue, organs and systems destruction leading to high blood pressure and cardiac problems in the future. Resentment and bitterness may lead to rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disorders.  Repressed anger may provoke migraine and tension headaches. These are just a few examples. What do we do next then? Go report ourselves to our healthcare provider but try to hide some of the wrong things we know we do. We paint a very good picture about our lifestyle. Unfortunately, your health care provider takes you by your words and proceeds on to get you a prescription based on what you’ve said as the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Who suffers then?

Healing is an inside out affair

Vital lessons from this is that healing is an inside out affair. The signs and symptoms of disease are basically the outer manifestation of some deeper happenings within that’s creating discord. Addressing the symptoms or masking them will never eradicate.the chaos that exists within. Over time there will be progressive deterioration of cells, tissues, organs and systems. The power to commence inner healing is an individuals responsibility. Why? You are the one at the command of thinking in your life. Whatever lifestyle you adopt in your life are influenced by the thought patterns you’ve decided to follow through in your past life. In other words today you are reaping the harvest of your past thinking and lifestyle.

Healing tomorrow therefore demands a change today in both your thinking and lifestyle to match your desired future health status. In other words, you cannot plant beans today then at the harvest time tomorrow expect to reap a bag of maize. You reap what you sow is the universal immutable law of attraction that we are all subject to in this universe. Take charge of your health and healing and you’ll experience vibrant health and happiness.

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