17 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Beetroot Remedy – Pentaglax Home Remedies

The beetroot is a blood red colored root also known as Beta vulgaris. It’s a juicy root vegetable.

Beets are believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe or around Western Asia. The Greeks and Romans used it about 2000 years ago according to their records. It then found it’s way globally reaching areas such as West and East Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

The beet contains a number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. All these contribute to its renowned health benefits. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, Vitamin A, B and small amounts of vitamin B complex. It’s health benefits is wide including diabetes, arthritis, cancer, low libido, memory improvement, athletic performance enhancement, lowering blood pressure, bone health, skin & hair health, allergies, asthma, weight loss etc.

Benefits of Beetroot

Lowers Cholesterol

The fiber in beets helps in lowering the absorption of cholesterol into the body. It’s antioxidants also help prevent oxidation of cholesterol leading to the production of bad cholesterol that deposits in the cardiovascular system.

Powerful Aphrodisiac

The beets are renowned for their rich nitrate contents that enhance cardiovascular system circulation and performance. They help improve blood volume flow and becomes useful in cases of low libido. They also contain boron that is known to help enhance performance.

Helps in Arthritis

Beets have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are useful in the management of inflammatiory responses in conditions such as arthritis, asthma and allergies. The nutrients in beets also promote the repair and healing of damaged articular joint tissues.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The prescence of potassium, magnesium and calcium help relax the arterial walls therefore lowering blood pressure. The antioxidants effect in neutralising the bad cholesterol from being deposited in arteries also helps in blood pressure lowering.

Improves Liver Function

The beets nutrients actually help in the detoxification process as they promote alkalinity in the body cells. The li er obtains vital nutrients that strengthens it’s functions and also promotes it health.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Beets boost blood flow within the arteries. The nitrate compounds within lower the uptake of oxygen.  This has a beneficial aspect for athletes. They can carry out their activities for a longer period of time feeling energetic.

Combats Anemia

Beetroot is rich in iron. Iron helps in the transportation of oxygen in the body. This enhances stamina and also helps prevent iro deficiency anemia from occurring.

Eye Health

The eyes benefit from both the lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidant compounds that are found in the beets. It’s vitamin A content also plays a major role in the prevention of night blindness. All these antioxidants help prevent cellular destruction by free radicals, by products of the oxidative process.

Prevents Dementia

Beets are rich in potassium. This plays a major role in the efficiency of impulse transmission within the nervous system. The antioxidants within beets also prevent cholesterol deposition within the arteries. Therefore this enhances the supply of both oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells.

Promoted Weight Loss

The high fiber component helps the digestive system health. Food is digested properly and nutrients extracted. The fiber also feeds the gut microbiome ensuring their health and functions. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhoea are also controlled.

Prevents Cancer

Beets have a number of.vitamins and other antioxidants that help neutralise free radicals within the body that may promote cancer genesis. Beets also posses a powerful antioxidant known as betalin. This is a powerful anti carcinogenic compound.

Immune Function Enhancement

Our immune system is kept strong through the prescence of say vitamins A, C and minerals such as zinc. The team of antioxidants also protect the immune function.

Lowers Signs of Aging

Our body cells age over time and are replaced by new ones. The new cells require rich nutrients to be healthy. Cells are generally destroyed or age as a consequence of free radicals damage. Free radicals are by products of oxidation. Antioxidants neutralise these free radicals and slows down the aging of the body cells.

Skin Health

The skin is made up of cells. Vitamins, minerals, fats and oils play a major role as fabrics of this system. Vitamin A, C and other components are vital for vibrant skin health. The skins worst enemy are the free radicals. These are by products of oxidation. However, beets contains a number of neutralisers called antioxidants. These are able to tame the free radicals and hence promote skin health.

Promotes Hair Growth

The hair needs nutrients to grow and be healthy. There are also some bacterial infections that can interfere with the health of the hair. Beetroot contains nutrients that improve blood circulation on the scalp. Therefore the har roots receive adequate o then and nutrients. The antioxidants help neutralise any cellular damaging free radicals. They also have antibacterial properties e.g. Vitamin A, C and zinc.

Bone Health

Beets are rich in calcium. Calcium is essential in bone formation and helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. The teeth also benefit from this store house of calcium.

Blood Sugar Regulation

The fiber in the beets help control sugar absorption from the intestines into the blood stream. It’s other nutrients also help lower cholesterol and therefore help prove blood sugar regulation.

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