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Alfalfa plant

Alfalfa also known as medicago sativa has a host of medicinal properties that include increasing fertility, blood pressure lowering, brain function enhancement, anti-inflammatory and improves the digestive health. It’s rich content of antioxidants makes it suitable for both prevention, halting or even reversal of cancer.

Alfalfa is a herbaceous perennial in the plant fabacea. It’s scientific name is medicago sativa. It’s grown in most parts of the world for feeding livestock. It is also used for food by humans and has also found a place in medicine due to its high nutritional constitution.

Alfalfa contains a number of nutrients that helps exert it’s medicinal properties. It is rich in iron, vitamin B’s, vitamin C, E, D, fiber, folate, chlorophyll, vitamin K, proteins, fiber etc. These contents in combination produce a host of health benefits.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are the ones commonly used in medicine. However supplements in the form of tablets are also available.

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Health Benefits

Immune system boosting

The immune system is given protection through the supply of natural antioxidants. Alfalfa has a rich antioxidant team that includes vitamin C, E, minerals and other phytonutrients. These help neutralise free radicals(products of the oxidative process in the cells during energy production) that are capable of damaging the immune cells hence hampering their protective functions.

Cholesterol lowering

We have two forms of cholesterol. The good cholesterol does not get deposited in our arteries. However, the bad oxidized form is the one that is harmful. It gets deposited in the arteries leading to narrowing and hardening. This condition is often referred to as arteriosclerosis. This narrowing and hardening are at the foundation of promoting high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and problems with memory. There is decreased blood flow, oxygenation and nutrient supply to brain tissues.

Weight Loss

The prescence of fiber in alfalfa helps in the digestive process within the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore there is better absorption and reduction of cholesterol that may be deposited as fat. There are also a number of nutrients that help in fat burning hence promote weight loss.

Inflammation lowering

Alfalfa contains a number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The vitamins C, E and others help neutralise the inflammatory response hence useful in allergies, asthma and arthritis.

Cancer prevention

Cancer cells are basically normal cells that have undergone some defect in their DNA. Therefore they have simply lost control on stopping the growth of cells when they reach the normal size. The damage to the cells DNA may occur due to the prescence of damaging free radicals that are not checked. Free radicals are generally kept in check naturally by antioxidants. Alfalfa is rich in these.

Bone formation and density

The bones need calcium and other minerals to grow healthily. Alfalfa is capable of supplying what the bone needs including vitamin D. This increases bone density.

Heart health

The heart is made up of pipings. Blood flows in and out of the heart. Bad cholesterol are the biggest enemies to heart health. They get deposited in the pipings leading to narrowing and even blockage. Therefore the antioxidant team in alfalfa is capable of checking out this hence boosting heart health.

Stroke prevention

Stroke occurs in the brain when the arteries either get blocked or burst. Bad cholesterol deposition may promote this. However alfalfa consumption provides the nutrients that help prevent bad cholesterol from depositing in the brain arteries. The nutrients also improve blood flow, oxygenation and nutrient supply.

Blood pressure lowering

Alfalfa contains a rich source of potassium that helps relax the constricted arteries hence resulting in blood pressure decrease. The antioxidants also help lower the bad cholesterol and prevents it from depositing in the arteries leading to narrowing.

Body detoxification

Alfalfa contains alkaline organic minerals that alter the body pH helping in the detoxification process. The chlorophyll content also plays a significant role. The rich iron content helps enrich the blood.

Blood sugar regulation

Due to improved digestion due to minerals and fiber, blood sugar regulation takes place. There is no spike of blood sugar after a meal.

Respiratory health

Alfalfa is friendly to the respiratory system. The iron, chlorophyll and other nutrients improve the lung cells function. There is an improved oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide exhalation.

Alfalfa Benefits

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