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Alfred Okoko – A successful arthritis warrior.

Way back in the year 2016 I developed arthritis which progressively put me down. My knee joints were inflammed, swollen, stiff and painful. My right leg was quiet swollen. My fingers were also stiff, mildly swollen and inflammed. I felt like scratching them. They were itchy. One of my fingers on the right hand couldn’t bend due to swelling, pain and inflammation. My back also didn’t spare me. Upon getting up from bed in the morning, my joints were really stiff. I used to get a sharp pain, like a razor cut on my lower back when trying to get up. I couldn’t drive my car because my right swollen leg was so stiff and painful when I attempted to bend it and enter the vehicle. I had to use motor bikes to ferry me around. Climbing the bikes was hectic. I had to be assisted to climb up and also to get down. I even had to be assisted to turn around in bed.

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Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook

Arthritis is Developed Over Time

When I now look back at my life way back in my youth, I seem to identify some interesting scenarios that with my current level of awareness may be the causative factors. In other words, I believe that arthritis is developed over time even years before the ‘loud bang’. I played sports in my secondary school time as a goal keeper in soccer and also played in the rugby team in the scrum team. Over these periods I injured my hands,knees and other joints frequently but since I was young I healed quickly.

Playing Detective in My Past Life

One day as I was traveling in a bus and sitted at the back seat, the vehicle lost its brakes and jumped over a road bump. It was traveling at high speed. We didn’t know that the back seat top had just been placed on the seat metallic structure. Those of us seating here were thrown up as the bus went over the bump at full speed. I remember hitting my head on the back roof, coming back down onto the seat. The loose sit top had fallen to the ground and only the metallic frame structures were remaining waiting for me to land. As my back entered the empty space, my legs were held by the front structures and my back by the back mentallic structures. I simply felt a deep pain at the back of my spine. It was as though a large nail had been hit in with a hammer. The pain was beyond description. People moved to rescue me by removing me from the structure. I simply sat on the floor unable to communicate. To cut the story short, it took almost 3 months for the healing to occur but I couldn’t lift heavy objects.

Back in history again, I used to be a Dj. Drinks were in plenty and roasted meat too. I did this for about 15 years of my youth. I used to get stiffness and swelling of my fingers now and then mildly. The culprit was the roasted meat combined with alcohol.

Now, looking back at my history lane, I can pinpoint where I practiced wrong living and thinking. I can now see areas where I stressed my body and progressively developed weaknesses. Due to my youth, the repair work was fast. I never complained or thought about it. It was just like a hiccup. However, any tissue which has undergone repair normally has scars. Scars are areas of weakness. As we age, these scars may end up promoting the genesis of our chronic degenerative disorders.

Every individual experience and end game are different. We have genetic differences. One mans food may end up being another ones poison.

As We Age Our Past Scars Haunt Us

By comparing my life history and the arthritis that befell me, you can see some relationships. Since, I am now advancing in age and possibly continuing to practice wrong thinking and living, that’s why those old scars were giving way to the disease. The solution to cure my condition then became obvious! I needed to focus on my lifestyle and thinking patterns. I must renew my mind! I had to locate that child in me and bring it back to life. I am young! I am youthful! I am healthy! I am stress free! That’s the trigger of inner healing. Your mind can heal your body through the power of positive belief. It can also destroy your body through the power of negative belief. Within your subconscious mind is a record of what triggered your disease in the past. There is also the solution to heal your mind, body and soul! True healing is indeed self-healing.

Listening to Your Sixth Sense

The power of intuition is marvelous and powerful. Animals in the wild demonstrate this. They do not have a high technological healthcare system like human beings yet are much healthier through utilisation of the power of intuition and nature. We have it but we take it for granted that’s why it’s not able to assist us. It is undeveloped.

Conventional Therapies Experience

When arthritis hit me, I was put on the normal medications. NSAIDS-non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, namely Diclofenac tablets, Glucosamine & Chondroitin sulphate tabs and Deep heat cream. I also attended physiotherapy sessions. I refused injections and any steroids. There was mild improvements but I still couldn’t move about. After about 3 months, I started reading all about alternative health for arthritis. I followed up success stories of people who had won the battle. You know, according to conventional medicine, arthritis has been declared incurable utilising their tools. Pain, stiffness and inflammation suppression is the mainstream therapy. Joint replacement is what awaits those who can afford it at the late stage or be on a wheelchair for life. I therefore declared that if conventional medicine has declared arthritis incurable then logic dictates that I am the one then holding the key to my cure.

Intuitive Guidance to Natural Healing

I came across a book written way back in the 1900’s that opened my eyes on the power within that can heal any disease! I was amazed at what knowledge was available then but is nowhere to be found in our conventional textbooks! Why? All this is because these practices are way beyond being tested in a laboratory to be scientifically proven! Our current technology is too primitive to test these principles. The most interesting thing I observed is that wild animals practice these without being scientifically proven. Adam and Eve practiced these without scientific evidence. Jesus Christ also practiced these without scientific evidence! All these produced marvelous results in those ancient times and even so today. I decided to learn and practice these natural principles as long as they can heal my body. I then got guided through intuition to a bookshop where I came across a wonderful book! It had concepts which were so green! It was to alter completely my old school nutritional knowledge. The book talked about the blood type diet plan written by Dr Dadamo. It said that genetically same blood types tend to have similar strengths and weaknesses. One diet may harm another blood type and may promote disease genesis. In my case, being a blood type O, I was to stop eating some foods e.g. potatoes. They can destroy cartilage in my blood type, the protective cushioning substance covering joint bone ends. This can therefore promote arthritis genesis! I was in love with chips and tomato sauce for years! I said goodbye! It was no joke. It was a painful divorce. It was like somebody stopping something addictive like smoking or alcohol consumption. However where there is a will a door opens! I won.

My intuition guided me to yet another source book. I came to learn a form of healing called ‘The Medipic Healing System’ by Ben Bibb. This system helped me understand how to pray correctly for self-healing or distant healing. The mind healing concept was at work here. My intuition still guided me to yet another book that inspired and empowered me to understand the 7 major energy centres in the human body. These centres are connected to the endocrine glands systems that secrete hormones. These energy centres can be manipulated to balance energy in different parts of the body and induce healing! I was further guided to the works of Brenda Brennan. I learnt a lot on bioenergetic healing practice. Mari Hall’s work guided me on how to heal with natural energy. 

Arthritis Free and No Medication

I write this in 2021. I got my freedom from arthritis in 2016. I am living free from any drugs for about 5 years. No pain, inflammation, swelling or crackling sounds in my knees. It is possible to prevent, halt or even reverse arthritis. However, you must start with the pieces you have which will influence the degree of your healing outcome. Everyone’s end game in healing will also be greatly influenced by the state of damage at the commencement of the natural healing program but you’ll obtain relief and have a better quality of life.

As A Man Thinketh so Is He

That is my story. I hope you’ll be inspired not to give up in your journey of healing. Nobody has the power to predict your future state. Always have intent, hope, faith and belief in your inner power to heal your body, mind, spirit and emotions. The new science of epigenetics has disrupted even the concept of genes and disease. The mind can be able to switch on or off some genes and can result in healing. Why not you?

Also check Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook

Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook


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