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Alfred Okoko – Life and Health Transformation Coach

My name is Alfred Okoko. I am aged about 62 as at the time of writing this article. I am still active in service delivery to humanity. My mission is to inspire and empower people to produce excellence, vibrant health and happiness in their lives. I have a medical background in the practice of pharmacy with an experience of about 35 years. Over that time I have also ensured to receive wholistic knowledge and experience. Entrepreneurship, personal development, relationships, alternative medicine, social media marketing and entertainment are all part of my knowledge and skills. Blending all these exposures actually gives me an inspiring and empowering look at problems facing humanity and coming up with unique wholistic solutions therefore. In health for example, I am able to blend my wholistic view utilising my knowledge of pharmacy, alternative medicine, personal development, relationships, entrepreneurship and entertainment to help people solve the deeper root causes of their diseases which lie within themselves. Not without. Some have financial problems at the root of their disease manifestations. Some have failed businesses and loans that want to swallow them. These produce stress in the concerned persons. The immune system is hampered. Toxic chemicals are also being released in their bodies. Cholesterol is being deposited in their arteries predisposing them to cardiovascular diseases. A bit of coaching on entrepreneurship helps these people put their house in order. They regain control of their businesses. Stress levels are diminished. Their diseases begin to be reversed. Healing from within is therefore initiated due to being inspired and empowered by my sharing the knowledge I have.

About 90% of Diseases Have Roots in The Mind

90% of diseases are suspected to have their roots in the mind. We either utilise a negative or positive mental attitude. Negative mental attitude damages the immune system and your overall health. It promotes damaging emotions including fear. A positive mental attitude on the other hand promotes the boosting of the immune system and overall health. Therefore the knowledge I have on personal development helps me to help my clients to flip their negative metal attitudes to the empowering positive side. Healing is therefore triggered in these person’s. Have you ever heard of music therapy? Well music is vibrations. Energy vibrates and it’s power. Our body cells are also made of energy and we are in vibration all the time. We have inspiring music that can induce healing through its positive vibes. I compose and even sing!

No Man is An Island

No man is an island. Human beings are social animals. Some clients live their lives as anti-socials hence transmit negative lower vibration energies. They have made themselves live in a self created island. They need some coaching on creating relationships. They need to make peace with themselves first then with their outer environment. You cannot give what you don’t have. This will better their lives as they socialize with humans and other things on mother earth. This will initiate healing in some people. 

You Reap What You Sow

Negative, lower vibrations attract similar lower vibrations that may even promote disease. Health or vibrant health is a positive vibe with a high frequency. Healing requires forgiveness and love which is a high frequency vibration energy. Forgive yourself first then forgive others. Fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) is a negative low frequency vibration. Whichever you bring into your life, fear or faith will either promote more of it’s kind in terms of either health or disease.

You and Your Environment Are One

Alternative medicine majorly focuses on holistic natural therapies. The individual and his environment are all taken into consideration during therapy session inorder to restore harmony and healing. Nutritional interventions are found in alternative therapies. Nutrients are the human body cells building blocks.

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