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orange carrots on table

Carrots (Daucus carota) are nutrient-dense roots that are high in antioxidants, fiber, beta carotene, and other vitamins and minerals.

Carrots are mostly orange in colour but they also exist in other colours such as white, yellow, purple, and red.

The vegetable originated in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots carry alot of health benefits that you will learn today. These benefits include:

  1. Boost eye health
woman in black shirt holding yellow pen

Carrots contain vitamin A which is essential for good eye vision.

Deficiency of vitamin A is linked with deterioration of photoreceptors of the eye which leads to night blindedness.

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2. Skin health

person with white cream on hand

Studies have shown that carotenoids found in carrots help people look younger.

Consumption of excess carrots can lead to a condition known as carotenemia which makes your skin turn yellow or orange.

3. Reduces cancer risk

pink ribbons on pink surface

Carrots contain phytocemicals such as beta-carotene and other carotenoids which boost your immunity and activate certain proteins that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

4. Regulate blood pressure

a healthcare worker measuring a patient s blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer

The nutrients found in carrots help reduce systolic blood pressure.

These nutrients include fiber, potassium, nitrates, and vitamin C.

5. Boost immune system

white and green flower in close up photography

Carrots contain vitamin A which is known for preventing infections and mantaining a healthy immune system.

It also contains vitamin C which promotes wound healing by boosting the production of collagen.

6. Promotes weight loss

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale

Carrots contain high levels of fiber that gives you a feeling of satiety thus preventing you from overeating.

7. Hair growth

woman wearing white long sleeved shirt

Studies have shown that carrots contain nutrients and antioxidants that boost hair growth.

8. Bone strength

grayscale photography of human skull

Carrots contain carotenoids which have been linked with improved bone health.

Research has also shown that the vitamin A present in carrots may help with bone cell metabolism.

9. Liver Health and toxin elimination

man in red crew neck sweatshirt photography

Carrots contain an antioxidant known as glutathione which has the potential to treat liver complications caused by oxidative stress.

10. Reduces cholesterol levels

crop plump woman touching abdomen

Raw carrots are rich in an antioxidant called pectin that is known to lower cholesterol levels.

Research has also shown that carrots inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and increase antioxidant levels of your body.

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