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Lemons are widely considered to have originated in India’s northwest.

Lemons were first introduced to southern Italy around 200 AD, and they have been grown in Egypt and Iran since 700 AD.

They were spread by the arabs throughout the meditteranean sea and worldwide.

Nowadays, lemon is a fruit that is very popular and plays a useful role in the society.

Lemon’s refreshing flavour and aroma has contributed to its popularity since it is the best choice for flavoring numerous recipes and perfumes.

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Health Benefits of Lemons

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 medical benefits of lemons:

  1. Weight management
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Studies done on labs using mice have shown that the polyphenol antioxidants present in lemons reduced their weight.

It has also been proven that drinking lemon water in humans can help you lose weight.

2. Skin health

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Lemons contain vitamin C which is known for protecting the skin from damage by UV light, skin wrinkling and aging.

3. Hydration

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Since water is the best source of hydration, many people dont like its taste. Lemon can be used as a flavour so as to boost the amount of water you drink.

4. Kidney stones

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The citric acid found in lemons contains a component known as citrate which lowers the acidity of urine thus destroying kidney stones.

5. Fresh breath

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Lemon water is known for the ability to get rid of bad breath caused by a dry mouth or eating foods with strong smells such as garlic and onions.

6. Promotes digestion

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Drinking a cup of warm or hot lemon water can act as a laxative by avoiding constipation and allowing you to digest food more easily.

7. Cell protection

red bloodcells on white surface

Lemons contain vitamin C which is known for protecting cells from destruction by free radicals.

8. Common cold

sick woman wiping her nose with tissue

Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties which reduces irritation in the throat and clear the pathway for a dry cough.

9. Liver cleansing

man in white shirt suffering from a stomach pain

Studies have shown that drinking lemon water in the morning helps the liver flush out all the toxins thus promoting good digestion and bowel movements.

10. Detoxifier

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Besides helping your body flush all the toxins when taken in the morning, Lemon also purifies your blood thus boosting your immune system.

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