10 Incredible Weight Loss Tips Remedy – Pentaglax Home Remedies

scrabble pieces on a plate

Everything you put in your mouth contributes to your weight loss plan.

Discover the top 10 tips that will help you lose weight

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
assorted vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low in fats, calories and high in fiber.

These properties make them a good choice for losing weight.

2. Drink a lot of water

water droplet in shallow photo

Water is 100% calorie free.

Water helps your body burn more calories and when used before meals, it may also reduce your appetite.

3. Eat foods rich in fiber

close up photo of assorted rice

Research has shown that foods that are rich in fiber make you feel full for longer.

Fiber can only be found in plant-based foods.

4. Consider the 80% rule

photo of grilled barbecue

The 80% rule says that you eat until you feel that you are 80% full then you put any extra food away.

5. Exercise frequently

woman exercising with her daughter

Exercising frequently and staying active helps your body burn more calories thus causing a calorie deficit which leads to weight loss.

6. Avoid alcohol

glass of cold beverage on white background

Alcohol consumption leads to increased calories in your body which promotes weight gain.

7. Avoid junk foods

photo of juicy burger on wooden surface

Replace eating junk foods such as biscuits, chocolate, snacks and sugary drinks with healthy snacks such as fruit juice, unsweetened popcorn, nuts and veggies.

8. Do not miss breakfast

white ceramic cup

Breakfast carries essential nutrients which prevents you from craving for more food throughout the day.

9. Read food labels

black female shopper reading label on food in supermarket

Reading food labels will help you control the amount of calories you consume in accordance with your daily weight lose plan.

10. Use small plates

composition of plate with fork and knife on table

Using a small plate will help you eat less food.

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