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Fatigue and low energy

Fatigue is not an illness because it cannot be tested in a standard lab. However, it is one of the signs of a certain imbalance in the body. It could be a sign of discord between mind, body, spirit and feelings. This is a matter of low energy production within the body. It leads to the inability to energize normal everyday functions. Therefore, in most cases, identifying the root causes that deprive the body of its vital energy needs and resolving these issues is the ideal solution.

The 8 Most Common Causes of Fatigue and Low Energy

1. Dehydration

About 70% of our body is made up of water. Water forms our blood and other body secretions. It’s also essential in the disposal of body wastes. Therefore in cases where an individual is dehydrated signs of low energy and fatigue will be the order of the day.

Remedy: Drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water daily as a habit will solve this issue.

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2. A Large Meal

When we consume a large meal, our digestive system may demand for more energy to help it perform it’s work. It also depends on the composition of the diet. There may be foods that require an abnormal amount of energy for digestion. Also some peoples digestive system may not be compatible with the food consumed.

Remedy: Consume a mixed balanced nutritious diet. Don’t over eat. Identify foods that normally takes away your energy. Either avoid them or consume in moderation.

3. Lack of Sleep

When we find ourselves sleeping less hours than say the normal 8 hours daily, we tend to begin experiencing fatigue during our working hours.

Remedy: Try to reschedule your time so that you can develop a rhythm for your sleep and working time.

4. Caffeine Consumption

Well caffeine in moderation will spur energy. However excessive consumption may over exhaust the body and result in fatigue.

Remedy: Simply cut down on caffeine consumption or stop altogether if not yet addicted. If you are already addicted, you need to wean yourself out of it slowly just like a smoker, alcoholic or drug addict. If you don’t do this you may develop withdrawal symptoms which may not be good.

5. Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes normally have excess sugar in their blood circulatory system. They are unable to absorb this sugar into their body tissue for consumption hence their tissues may lack appropriate energy for functioning. Due to this then they may develop fatigue.

Remedy: The diet must be strictly observed. Fibre rich foods do well in helping stabilize the blood sugar e.g whole grains and beans. Consumption of processed and refined foods is just a total mess up. These foods will spike up the sugar since they lack fibre, nutrients such as chromium and zinc which help stabilize blood sugar in whole foods.

6. Anemia

Our red blood cells play a major role in the transport of oxygen into the cells. A person who is anemic lacks adequate red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the cells to produce energy. Therefore this deficiency may manifest as fatigue.

Remedy: Nutrition plays a major role in the production of red blood cells. Spinach, liver etc may help in the rectification of the situation.

7. Hypothyroidism

Our thyroid gland plays a major role in controlling metabolism. A weak thyroid gland may lead to low energy production and fatigue.

Remedy: Diet and nutrition plays a major role in the health of the thyroid gland. Your doctor may also prescribe drugs that may help balance the hormone production.

8. Heart Condition

The heart pumps the blood to all the body cells in the body. It therefore plays a major role in the supply of oxygen to the cells to produce energy. If the heart becomes weak then it means there will be oxygen insufficiency in the cells. This may lead to fatigue.


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