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Healing and nature

Healing is a natural process which brings balance into the human body and its surroundings. It involves the restoration of harmony in the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Any disturbance in the form of discord will promote the appearance of the disease.

Healing cannot be bought. It is self-created by an altered mindset change. You have the power to use your mind in a positive way to effect positive change in your health. The healer is simply serving as the healing channel. You are the innermost healer.

Energy follows thought

Thoughts are things. Energy goes with the thought. We know that our trillion body cells need energy to perform their normal healthy functions. Deficient energy leads to stagnation in cells, tissues, organs and systems. As a result, the body issues signals in terms of what we call symptoms of illness. The medical system has clustered different symptoms in groups and given them a name, e.g. diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. Pharmaceutical drugs are then made to alter the biochemical processes in the body that are sustaining these symptoms. This is the way most conventional therapies work in chronic degenerative illnesses. It mainly manages the symptoms and progression processes of the illness.

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Mind power in sports performance

Creative vizualisation

Did you know that a number of athletes and sportsmen are utilizing the power of their mind to rehearse their performance with great success? These people visualize the perfect movements in their mind repetitively until this ‘seed of thought’ is manifested in their body and environment in the outer world. We should also consider whether we could also apply the same mental techniques to trigger mental healing across our trillions of body cells. The scripture books are filled with these kinds of successful performances. ‘My people are destroyed by ignorance and lack of knowledge’

Psychic and faith healing

However, healing has been reported around the world in different eras. Neither medication nor surgery was used. We have the psychic healing and the healing of faith when performed within a religious setting. The books of Scripture demonstrate this in the context of faith-based healing. The blind were made to see, the mute listened, and even chronic diseases were eliminated. As a result the system functions and of course only in the hands of a skilled healer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry just cannot practice mechanical engineering, medicine or architecture without the proper skills. If you can’t execute the feats then it basically reveals that you are not educated in it. Enter the classroom and you will exit another person. A psychic or a healing man.

The song of the healer

The sons of men are one and I am one with them.

I seek to love, not to hate;

I seek to serve, not exact due service;

I seek to heal, not to hurt.

Benefits of mental healing

It is the mind that builds and heals the human body. Your mind controls all the features of your bodily system. A wholesome spirit in a wholesome body will radiate health or harmony. On the other hand, a sick mind will radiate low levels of energy, illness and discord. The body displays a wealth of symptoms which can be grouped in the medical system and given a name e.g diabetes.

The mind when properly directed by a schooled person either as a psychic or faith healer may help benefit the healing process in:

  • correcting ear, nose and throat problems
  • the gastrointestinal tract problems(remember the stomach is the sound board of the mind)
  • bringing about pan relief
  • correcting heart problems
  • the healing of wounds, cuts and abrasions.
  • helping restore failing eyesight power
  • repairing bone fractures
  • detoxification of the body from impurities
  • restoration of many healthy cells, tissues, organ and system functions through promoting harmony etc.

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Thoughts are things

You’re what you usually believe. There are things in thoughts. Your thoughts are the grains in your mind. No matter what thoughts you sow in the mind, positive or negative must be achieved in the body and the environment. Illness and health are only results or manifestations of thought schemes in the mind. Fear, worry, doubt will all promote discord and thus fertilize the manifestation of the disease. Love, faith, hope, belief will promote harmony and thus trigger the healing mechanism.

Your mind can therefore heal. Ninety per cent of chronic illnesses are suspected of having a mental cause. Changing your mindset changes your health!




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