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Your future health depends primarily upon you. What you put today in terms of thought and lifestyle will influence either dynamic health or the onset of illness. You may go from a state of illness today into a state of liberty tomorrow. It all comes down to how you imagine yourself most of the time in your future. Keep in mind that your thought directs energy. Energy goes with the thought. It may not be lost, but may be transformed into a different state. It is powerful and may be able to nourish and transform your trillion cells that are sickly leading to renewal.

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Your imagination movies and your trillion body cells

Stress is a product of intense thinking and is usually negative. This involves imagining horrific movies that are then viewed by the trillions of cells in your body.They are indeed your obedient servants.You can either imagine a beautiful movie or a horror movie in your imagination.They may be inspired or discouraged by your films of prevailing thoughts .Consequently, harmony within the cells of the body leads to healing .Discord, on the other hand, results in the promotion of the disease.

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You are the movie director in your mind

You’re the boss and the director inside your head. Your future lies in your hands. Don’t keep looking back. The underlying cause of your current condition lies in your past. It’s history. All you have to do is learn and correct where you went wrong in terms of thinking and lifestyle. Don’t be sorry, please. It is also an energy thinking model and will work on your body cells adversely promoting bad health. Set out on a new roadmap for your new Healing Journey. Stop looking back. Look forward, full of hope, and faith to your goal of recovery. You must take full responsibility for what you do now and what you will do in the future.rYou’re the one who thinks and creates your life.aYou have the power to create both paradise and hell in your body now.nputs to create either of them rests with your choices of thought patterns and lifestyle.

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Focusing our healing at the root cause level

Did you know that approximately 90% of chronic degenerative disorders are suspected of having root causes in the mind? That is where we should concentrate our power to prevent, stop or even reverse them. But the power to do that rests upon our individual selves in our own lives. You’re the one who thinks about your life and makes a difference. No one except you.

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Empowering Tips to Become A Winner in Your Healing Process

Take positive action

The power of faith, hope and belief is known to carry out miracles in different areas of life. You have to think about what you can do. The winners on this planet are people who think and believe in possibilities. Many of our inventors in our historical books are examples of this. Those who abandoned or believed that it was impossible never left their mark on the world. Your body is your own personal world and is full of billions of living cells. These cells depend on positive advice from you to create harmony and health. Anything that is negative is quickly passed on to them and naturally slows down their activities. Your management and control of your mind is key. Positivity.

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Work hard

If you want to produce an outcome or result in your life action must be carried out. There must be some movement. Inertia will move nothing and there will be no positive change. The human body must be kept fit through excercise. Movement helps promote circulation and body detoxification processes. Therefore a sedentary lifestyle will promote discord in your body cells. Excercise on the other hand will promote harmony, hence vibrant health.

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Define your objectives

If you do not have a clear destination at the beginning of your program of healing then you can end up anywhere. You are under the immutable law of accident. You have no plan or map for your healing.

First and foremost, you must know where you are at the start. How did you get here in the first place? Of course you got here from your past thinking and lifestyle choices. Wrong thinking and living promotes disease. Right thinking and living promote health. List down your errors of the past. Are you still repeating them? Where do you want to be in the future in terms of your health – your freedom day? What work needs to be done to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you would love to be? – gap analysis. You can then define your healing objectives. Develop a plan of action or a map for your healing. Work the plan. A traveller who sets out on a journey without a map and a plan is lost. He may land anywhere.

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Become involved

You must take charge of your healing since in most cases you are the architect knowingly or unknowingly through your past life choices. It is only you who can change the quality of thoughts and lifestyle in your life. Your healthcare provider does not think or choose your lifestyle. They may give you good recommendations but all may be in vain. Once you leave your healthcare provider you may decide that you are wiser and will not follow the advice.

Persist! Persist! Persist!

Fix in your mind whatsoever that you would love to have in your life, vibrant health or ill health and you will truly attract it. As a man thinketh in his heart so does he recieve. Clean up from your mind negative thought patterns e g. I can’t. That’s just my luck. Poor me.

Commence now to create that desired image of vibrant health in your imagination. Your imagination is actually a workshop. It’s where everything that you’ve created in this body and environment started. Create your vision of your desired vibrant health state. Accept it! Demand it! In so doing you’ll be programming your mind to alter the trillions of body cells to work to bring about the desired health status immediately. You have that ability and power to command your body cells and even environment at large.

Winning and losing are just but the different sides of the same coin. You can’t always win, and you’ll never be perfect. But you have the power of persistence that can always keep you in action to find the best way to tilt the coin to the winning side. You’ll make mistakes in life. Learn from them and become a better you and a healer of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

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