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Arthritis remedies

Arthritis is a chronic degenerative disorder of the articular joint structures and tissues characterized by inflammation and pain. Over 100 different types exist. All may be triggered by different factors and that’s why one persons case may be different from another. Genetic factors also come into play and so variations of people. Therefore a magic bullet is not yet there.

People are relying on symptomatic relief approaches that attempt to manage inflammation, pain, swelling and stiffness.

The home remedies are derived from natures farmacy. This line of products have not been given exposure very much due to the fact that they cannot be patented to make profits. They are available and mostly free if you have your own herbal garden.

I have picked 7 home remedies that I personally used when I was an arthritis victim in 2016. I halted, reversed and cured my arthritis naturally. I lead a normal life like anybody else who doesn’t have arthritis. I can even run a hundred metre race without any problem.

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

Honey has been mixed with apple cider vinegar since time immemorial to obtain the combined therapeutic effects. The combination help alter the pH of the body such that salts that were deposited in the joints are dissolved, released and eliminated. This brings about great symptomatic relief in arthritis. Inflammation, pain and swelling subside dramatically including joint stiffness.

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Mustard Oil

Mustard oil may be used as a massage oil on the affected joints. It may be blended with vegetable oils e.g olive oil or coconut oil. When massaged on the joint, there is an improvement of blood flow in the affected areas. Nutrients supply for repair come in abundance without restrictions. The accumulated toxic wastes are also transported out of the site and delivered for processing and elimination. As the swelling subsides there is also a reduction in pain, inflammation and stiffness.

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The curcumin component in turmeric is known to be a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product. The turmeric constituents help prevent tissue damage in the articular joints. As a result of this repair work may be commenced. There is also a reduction in both inflammation and pain.


Cinnamon is rich in active nutrients that posses antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. It also has minerals that are essential for bone and connective tissue formation. Some of these include manganese, calcium and phosphorous. Therefore the use of cinnamon will greatly benefit the arthritic joint. It will aid in lowering the inflammation, pain, swelling and damage.

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Alfalfa is a nutritionally dense plant. It is rich in both vitamins and minerals. Some examples are Vitamin A, C, E and B complex. The minerals that it supplies include iron, phosphorous, calcium, phosphorous and manganese. The alfalfa is a great detoxifier. It helps dissolve the excess urates or salts of uric acid in people suffering from gouty arthritis . This results in symptomatic relief of inflammation, pain and swelling.


Tart cherries are known to be rich in powerful antioxidants. They help neutralize the free radicals that damage body cells leading to disease. They also exert powerful anti-inflammatory properties. All this therefore implies that healing of damaged tissues is enhanced as inflammation and pain are lowered. Swelling is also reduced.

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Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are also referred to as magnesium sulphate. It is normally used to provide relief from inflammation, pain and swelling through the use of a water bath. Warm water may be placed in say a bucket. Some measured amount of epsom salts are added and stirred. The feet are then placed in the water for a few minutes. The magnesium salts are absorbed into your blood circulation. This actually calms the body and lowers pain and inflammation. It also promotes sound sleep. You may combine with a session of meditation creative healing visualization and positive healing affirmations.

Well these remedies are quiet effective. You may try what you can lay your hands on and find out what works for you. When I used to have arthritis way back in 2016 they were a part of my therapy regimen. I cleared my arthritis in about 5 months of commitment and discipline. I had generated a list of about 140 remedies to try. Well luckily I never used all of them. A combination of about 12 from my list did the work. I have been arthritis free since that 2016. I strongly believe that as long as you dig deep into your specific root cause, dissolve it that’s the only time you’ll set yourself free. Rememberber that there are over 100 different forms of arthritis all caused not by the same thing. Hence there may never be a one bullet magic cure. Each individuals arthritis has its own unique triggers. The starting point state of the joints also influence your individual path for healing. Basically start over a new beginning with the pieces you have. Miracles do exist if you also perform a miraculous transformation of your lifestyle. Live healthy.




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