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Eat your medicine

Eating your medicine appears in the book of genesis when the Creator prescribed food to each of the creatures living on planet earth. For man a whole food, plant based diet was prescribed as the best fuel for the body. Further in the same scripture book herbs and spices were prescribed for healing. Eat your prescribed food and diet for longevity.

The manufacturer of a vehicle normally prescribes the kind of fuel his equipments needs to be efficient and also last longer. If diesel is prescribed then that’s what you should put in your equipment and obtain optimal performance. If you replace the fuel with water, super petrol or kerosene then you should expect disaster. Our lives are no different.

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Lifestyle change and chronic degenerative diseases progression

During the early days of our forefathers on planet earth there was an adherence to the Creators manual recommendation for food. With time as man developed his new technology he also altered the fuel designed by the creator for man. We started processing and refining our foods. These products of refinement have turned out to be much inferior nutritionally. We are removing a number of known and unknown vital health nutrients from our foods leading to subclinical nutritional deficiency. The use of additives e.g preservatives, flavorants and colorants only end up complicating the health equation. These products long term effects on the human genes over time is not known. However we can progressively see that the gut and immune health of our people are changing over time and leaning more towards the promotion of the leaky gut syndrome and inflammation promotion in our body. Diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, cardiac problems, alzheimers, multiple sclerosis etc are on the rise as time advances. When we go back down our history lane we find out that our forefathers rarely experienced these conditions. Why? Is it dietary lifestyle change? Did you know that the majority of diseases that are now afflicting us have been labelled causes unknown? There are also no cures but only symptomatological suppressions for life.

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A word of wisdom from Hippocrates 400 BC

Eating your medicine is derived further from the recommendation of the father of modern medicine Hippocrates in the year 400B.C. He pronounced ‘let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’. What great words of wisdom! Hippocrates provided us with what could simply be practiced in the primary family setting – at home. This practice if had been adhered to then and passed on to this present generation could’ve done wonders. Our health bills could’ve been drastically reduced. We could be able to resist most of the chronic degenerative disorders that torment our generation. We could even be having vibrant health. Its all about practicing preventive healthcare.

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It’s time to change your mind and change your life

What are you doing about this at the family level? Are you helping your family eat for health or for disease? Are you following your manufacturers manual for diet and nutrition? Are you chronically sick? Compare what you have in your fridge and what the manufacturer prescribed and learn how far you’ve deviated. You are what you eat! Nature holds the key to your family health. The closer you live to nature the healthier and happier you become. Change your mind and change your life! Your health is in your hands.

My people perish due to lack of knowledge

Hosea 4:6

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