7 Remarkable Health Benefits of Sleep Remedy – Pentaglax Home Remedies

Sleep is something that serves us in helping our body relax and be rejuvenated. After a heavy day of activities, we find that our energy levels are depleted. We begin to feel weak and feel like dosing off. During sleep a number of our body systems are set on low operation mode. The extra energy conserved are directed towards the digestive and repair systems. When we awaken, we find that our batteries are fully charged! We are fully awake, alert and filled with vitality. Detoxification of our body was done thoroughly during sleep. We feel much better and are ready for the new days tasks and activities.


Benefits of Sleep

The benefit of sleep is a wholistic experience. Every cell, tissue, organ and system benefits. If we fail to get adequate sleep of about 8 hours daily then our trillion body cells are affected negatively. They develop an energy deficiency and hence cannot operate optimally to sustain life.

The following benefits are associated with adequate daily sleep:

Memory Boost

During sleep the brain activities are slowed down. It gets it’s rest over this period such that in the morning you’ll be wide awake and able to carry out your daily chores. The feeling you get when you are completely worn out is dozing and a lot of incoordination of activities. After an 8 hour rest, you feel much fresher and your mind is well coordinated.

Increased Vitality

After a heavy days work our batteries seem to run down just like a our mobile phones. We seem to recharge our batteries in spiritual chargers when asleep. In the morning we find ourselves possessing a lot of vitality. The sleep was necessary for this effect to be realized.

Heart Health Boost

During sleep your mind and body are relaxed. External stressful conditions are shut off hence the excessive stressor hormones release is suspended e.g cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones pressure the heart to work harder and pump more blood to body tissues. Hence the heart takes a bit if rest from these stressors until the waking moment.

Immune Enhancement

During sleep there is enhanced immune function. More energy is allocated during sleep as most emergency signals are put to rest. The immune cells are repaired and bugs that are unwanted are dealt with accordingly.

Prevention of Weight Gain

During our waking day is when our sensory organs operate fully including those concerned with appetite. At this time is when our habitual lifestyle on food eating is on the works. During sleep the appetite center is suspended. Therefore there is no eating.

Mood Enhancement

When we find ourselves with low energy, we are generally moody. We can’t concen or coordinate activities. We simply feel like we need to have some rest and recharge. After this our moods are elevated. Therefore eep helps elevate our moods.

Better Athletic Performance

An athlete cannot perform at his best when under low energy. Rest and sleep are essential to be able to regain stamina and endurance. Sleep helps in this.

Published by Alfred Okoko

Life & Health Transformation Coach

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