Freedom From Arthritis Naturally Ebook by Alfred Okoko – Pentaglax Home Remedies

I have decided to document my journey in halting and reversing my affliction with arthritis in my new ebook titled ‘Freedom From Arthritis Naturally’.
In the year 2016 I became a victim of arthritis. I was down and couldn’t drive my car because my right leg couldn’t bend and there was much pain. As a medic and a practitioner of pharmacy, I tried all the medications in the book hoping to get cured. 8 months down the line and there was no improvement and I believed based on my training that arthritis is incurable. It was hardwired in me. Our therapies were simply masking the symptoms and not addressing the root cause. Out of frustration, I carried out my own studies on alternative therapies and came up with about 160 remedies. I commenced to put them into practice one at a time and when I applied about ten of them over a period of about 120 days a miracle happened. I started regaining the power of my hands and legs. Fast forward in 2022. I have been arthritis symptoms free since 2016 and not on any medications. I am now aged 63 and can run a 100 metre race. On top of that I have practiced right thinking and living to date. I enjoy vibrant health and happiness.
Well, people have requested me to document my journey and we’ll here it is revealing what I call my 10 pillars of healing. It is also important to note that every one’s arthritis may have a different root cause and may require different combinations of the remedies. Wishing you best of health!

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