10 Powerful Health Benefits of Artichoke Remedy – Pentaglax Home Remedies

The artichoke has been used as a food since time immemorial. The Greeks and Romans are known to have had it as part of their food. Due to its health benefits it is also found in supplemental forms.

Artichokes health benefits are due to the rich nutrients possessing powerful antioxidant properties.

Artichoke stands out in its digestive health properties. Its powerful nutrients are capable of managing conditions such as gall bladder stones, excess uric acid and rheumatic problems. Cynarine acts as a cholagogue( facilitates the emptying of the gall bladder). The cynaroside is a glycosidic flavonoid derived from luteolin and has anti-inflammatory properties and useful in rheumatism. Artichoke is also beneficial in the lowering of triglycerides in the blood resulting in cholesterol control.


Artichokes Nutrition

The nutrients that have health benefits in artichoke include:

  • folate (B9)
  • phylloquinone (K)
  • ascorbic acid(Vit. C)
  • choline
  • niacin(B3)
  • riboflavin(B2)
  • pantothenic acid(B5)
  • pyridoxine(B6)
  • thiamine(B2)
  • alpha-tocopherol(Vit. E)
  • calcium
  • phosphorous
  • iron
  • manganese
  • zinc
  • potassium
  • copper

These nutrients work together to exert their health benefits. There are other components e.g phytonutrients, water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc.

Health Benefits of Artichokes

Good For Liver Health

Helps improver health by promoting the reduction of toxins that may be harmful. It contains cynarine which in combination with other nutrients produces an intense choleretic effect. In other words promotes an increase in bile production. It is hepato-protective.

Improves Digestive Health

It promotes the production of both gastric and bile juices to enhance digestion.

Helps To Reduce Cholesterol

Helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol(LDL) and increase in good cholesterol(HDL). This helps prevent arteriosclerosis and clogging of arteries in the body.

Maintains Healthy Heart

Helps in the reduction of the risks of developing heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

Memory Health

The active nutrients help in improving both brain and metabolic processes. The brain arteries are kept clean and unclogged hence an improvement in both oxygen and nutrients supply.

Improves Bone Health

Improves bone health and density due to the presence of nutrients such as calcium. It is therefore beneficial in both the prevention and management of osteoporosis.

Cancer Prevention

The powerful antioxidants in artichoke help prevent free radical damage of body cells that may lead to carcinogenesis. It helps prevent both prostate, breast cancers and leukemia.

Helps In Weight Loss

Artichoke is quiet rich in fiber. This absorbs water from the stomach resulting in the feeling of fullness. The health benefit of this is that it helps control appetite. There is also a feeling of fullness and hence also promote weight loss.

Prevents Diabetes

The artichoke nutrients help improve both digestion and absorption of food.They also help in weight loss. This is a plus in blood sugar regulation. It is also rich in cynarin which also help lower the blood sugar.

Helps Reduce High Blood Pressure

The nutrients in artichoke help lower triglycerides hence improving arteriole health. Therefore blood pressure is lowered in the process. It is also a powerful diuretic.

Preparing Artichokes

Artichoke is often used in the preparation of weight loss products like the tea. The main reason is its benefit in suppressing appetite by producing a feeling of fullness. It is also known to help prevent bad fat deposition in the body tissues. All these are useful in the promotion of weight loss.

Method of preparation of the artichoke tea:

20 grams of the leaves of artichoke
250 ml of hot boiled water.

Procedure of preparation: Boil 250 ml of water in a saucepan with the added 20 grams of artichoke leaves. Remove the pan after about 15 minutes. Sieve the preparation into a mug. You may add some lemon or honey. Drink in sips. You may take the product for say twice or thrice a day before meals. This will help suppress appetite and also improve on the digestion of whatever food will be consumed after. Hence weight loss program is commenced.

We can therefore see that actually artichoke has a number of health benefits and all natural. It should be introduced as part of our healthy nutrition programs to enjoy it’s varied protective properties.


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