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Strawberry is generally considered as the most antioxidant fruit followed by plums, oranges, and grapes. The antioxidant effect of a fruit is evaluated by its ability to neutralize oxidizing free radicals.The skin pigmentation is quiet rich in powerful antioxidants. These are the anthocyanidines which are similar to bioflavonoids. Its also rich in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients.

Nutrition For Strawberries

Strawberry Benefits

Strawberry nutrition is quiet dense comprising of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals etc. Some of the prominent components are:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

Strawberry nutrition supplies powerful antioxidant properties through the presence of vitamin C, bioflavonoids and anthocyanidine components. When combined with other nutrients they form a formidable team that imparts the strawberry health benefits.

Are Strawberries Good For You?

Strawberry benefits include a number of health promoting ways including eye care and even blood sugar regulations. Other important benefits of strawberries include:

Eye Care

Strawberry and eyes

Strawberry is rich in antioxidants that play a major role in the promotion of good eye health. The vitamin C and other antioxidants, minerals and vitamins help prevent conditions such as cataract and macular degeneration from developing. They help neutralize free radicals that can damage the eye tissues. They further improve blood circulation into the eyes hence ensuring a good supply of both oxygen and nutrients.

Heart Protection

The antioxidant team in the strawberries play a major role too in heart health. The heart is normally affected in performance when the arteries there begin to be clogged. This means fatty matter being deposited in the arteries leading to vasoconstriction. Strawberry prevents bad cholesterol from being deposited in the cardiovascular system. Therefore, they enhance blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients supply to the tissues and organs. This helps prevent conditions such as heart attack and angina pectoris which are due to poor circulation within the arteries of the heart.

Fights Cancer

Cancer is suspected to be caused by the formation of rogue cells whose DNA have been damaged by free radicals. These rogue cells seem to lose their ability to regulate their maximal growth. As a result, they end up growing ceaselessly, destroying or putting pressure on nearby tissues. This ends up hampering the normal healthy functions of the concerned tissues, organs and systems.

Strawberry is rich in antioxidants which are also powerful free radical neutralizers. Therefore strawberry comes in handy in both the prevention and management of cancer. Furthermore strawberry is alkalizing and therefore creates an environment that is unsuitable for cancer cells growth. Cancer cells thrive better in an acidic environment where there is less oxygen. In an alkaline environment in the body there tends to be more oxygen hence cancer cells die.

Prevents Inflammation

Strawberry and Inflammation

Inflammation is a good thing and forms part of the body’s natural response where there is injury. It helps promote the supply of nutrients for the repair of damaged tissues. However, we also have cases whereby there is prolonged inflammation e.g in rheumatoid arthritis. In this case its like the switch on and off mechanism has jammed on the on mode. Therefore there is inflammation and pain 24/7. Well this calls for emergency action and normally very strong anti-inflammatory drugs or even steroidal injections. These may be administered to try to suppress the immune response and inflammation and provide symptomatic relief.

Strawberry has powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants. These help in the resolving of the inflammation in the body. There are a number of nutrients that are used by the body to repair any damaged tissues so that the inflammatory response may be switched off naturally.


Blood Pressure Regulation

When the heart pumps blood there is pressure exerted on the arteriole walls. When the heart relaxes, the pressure moves down. However when we have arteriole constriction due to whatever factor, the blood pressure ends up being elevated. This is called high blood pressure. It may be caused by say cholesterol deposits in the arteries or even hormonal changes due to stress etc. This leads to a condition known as arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

The cholesterol deposits in arteries can be neutralised and mopped by the antioxidants in the strawberry fruit. The net result is blood pressure lowering if it had been elevated.

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Anti-aging Properties

Aging is all about the health status of your body cells which make up the tissues, which make up the organs which make up the systems. If your cells begin to age then there will be a ripple effect in your body. Your tissues will also begin to age, your organs too and also your systems. You’ll start manifesting all signs and symptoms of disease. Hence disease is a manifestation of destruction of our body cells. Health is manifestation of youthfulness in our body cells.

How do cells age? Well cells need oxygen and nutrients to be healthy. They need antioxidants to help prevent free radicals from damaging them. Strawberry active nutrients actually help fulfill all these requirements. They will improve cellular blood flow, nutrient supply, oxygenation and protection from free radical damage.

Arthritis and Gout

Arthritis and gout are two conditions that are characterized with inflammation and pain. In gout there is an excess of uric acid in the body and the elimination process is slow. As a consequence, there is deposition of urates or salts within the joints. These are glass like substances. This results in inflammation and pain.

Strawberry becomes useful in the management of these two conditions. First the antioxidants will deal with the inflammation. The alkalizing property of strawberry makes it a diuretic. It therefore helps dissolve the uric acid salts then eliminate them through urination. Therefore we should obtain some symptomatic relief.

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Immunity Boost

The immune function is made up of cells. These cells are charged with the responsibility of protection our body cells from any invading organisms e.g bacteria, viruses, mites etc.

Strawberry benefits for the immune function involves the protection of these cells from free radical damage. Vitamin A, C,E and minerals such as zinc are powerful immuno protectors.

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Blood Sugar Regulation

Strawberries are known to help improve the flow of blood sugar through the body’s cells. Antioxidants in strawberries also contribute to a reduction in inflammation.

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Improves Brain Function

The brain health is determined by the quality of blood circulation. This helps in the promotion of a healthy supply of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients. It also improves on the elimination of toxic wastes. This is the actual base of a healthy memory and brain health in general. Antioxidants play a major role in the protection of any damage that may be caused by free radicals. Strawberry if full of these antioxidant goodies hence may improve the memory and other cognitive functions.

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Preparation and Usage

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothies are useful in the supply of antioxidants to our body cells to ensure a healthy body. There are a number of ways in which the strawberry fruit may be consumed. You may eat the fresh fruits after cleaning them. There are people who may prefer the strawberry shake. This is prepared by blending the strawberry fruits with orange juice, nonfat milk or soy beverage.

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