9 Extraordinary Panax Ginseng Tea Benefits Remedy – Pentaglax Home Remedies

Panax ginseng is a small perennial plant that wields an amazing range of health benefits including the management of stress, fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure and also in the recovery of illness.

Panax ginseng is also referred to as Korean or Chinese ginseng is a small perennial plant whose origin is China and Korea. We have a number of ginseng types in the market. Some of the most notable ginseng plants include : panax ginseng, panax quinquefolium, panax japonicum, panax pseudoginseng and panax trifolium. However, the most used one is panax ginseng which is the subject of discussion here.

Benefit of Ginseng

Regulates Blood Sugar

Panax ginseng plant has been discovered to possess components that exert hypoglycemic effects(lowers blood sugar). Therefore its used in some cases to help lower blood sugar in diabetics.

Cancer Prevention

Panax ginseng plant has demonstrated that its capable of helping prevent cancer in populations that consume it regularly.

Weight Loss

Panax ginseng plant is also useful in weight management plans. It helps suppress appetite.

Improves Sexual Health

Panax ginseng plant may promote an increase in the sperm count in the male and also accelerates the growth of the ovary in the female. It may also increase testosterone levels while also decreasing the prostate weight. Therefore it may help in handling cases of benign prostatic enlargement.

Promotes Skin Health

Panax ginseng plant helps in the promotion of healthy cells production in the body. Therefore it helps in prolonging the life of cells hence exerting an anti-aging effect.

Controls Hypertension

When it comes to blood pressure control, we find that in low doses of the panax ginseng plant is capable of lowering elevated blood pressure. On the other hand in high doses it may elevate the blood pressure. It also help lower bad cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Therefore the cardiovascular system benefits as a whole. There is improved blood flow and also regulated blood pressure.

Strengthens Immunity

Panax ginseng plant is capable of boosting the immune function to fight off bacterial and viral infections. With its strong antioxidant property, its capable of neutralizing free radicals that may damage body cells.

Restores Hormonal Balance

Panax ginseng plant is useful in the management of menopausal symptoms. It helps restore hormonal balance. In men also the testosterone levels are elevated where they are low with an increase in sperm count.

Promotes Heart Health

Panax ginseng plant is known to help lower cholesterol in the body. By helping to clear up deposits in the arteries, it helps prevent blockages in the heart and starvation of vital oxygen and nutrients. This helps prevent cardiac problems.


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