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The cinnamon plant(Cinnamomum verum) is also referred to as the Ceylon Cinnamon. The bark is the one that is commonly dried and used in the preparation of dishes or medicine. It has a pleasant smell and taste. Normally, it has found a place as a flavorant.

Cinnamon Nutrition

Cinnamon contains a number of health promoting nutrients including vitamins, minerals etc. Some of the most prominent nutrients include:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B1
  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin B3
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • potassium
  • phosphorous
  • manganese
  • calcium
  • chromium
  • copper
  • iodine
  • iron
  • beta carotene
  • coumarin
  • alpha-pinene

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Benefits of Cinnamon

Cholesterol Lowering

Cinnamon rolls and tea contain a number of powerful antioxidants. These help prevent bad cholesterol being deposited in the body tissues. Hence it helps lower cholesterol levels in the body,


Rolls of cinnamon or tea has a number of mineral antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. All of this avoids damage to the body cells of virtually every organ in the body. This also contributes significantly to cancer prevention. Vitamin A, zinc, beta-carotenes, etc. are well-known antioxidants.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Cinnamon rolls or tea has been found to possess components that exert hypoglycaemic effects (lowers blood sugar). Consequently, it is used to help reduce blood glucose in diabetics.

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Alzheimers Disease

Cinnamon rolls or tea keep the cardiovascular system healthy, including the cerebral arteries. The narrowing or blocking of the cerebral arteries is checked by cinnamon components. Antioxidants also protect against cellular damage.That makes your brain healthy.There is good blood circulation that provides both oxygen and nutrients. As a result, memory is enhanced.

Blood Pressure Regulation

When it comes to monitoring blood pressure, we find that in low doses of cinnamon tea is capable of lowering high blood pressure. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerotic disease. Consequently, the entire cardiovascular system benefits. Blood flow is increased and blood pressure regulated.

Heart Health

Cinnamon rolls or tea is known to help reduce cholesterol within the body. By helping to eliminate deposits in the arteries, it helps to prevent blockages in the heart and starvation of life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients. That helps prevent heart problems.

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Anti-inflammatory Properties

Cinnamon rolls or tea can also help reduce chronic inflammation, which is associated with a number of possible health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. This could explain why cinnamon contributes to reducing arthritis pain.

Weight Loss Management

Cinnamon rolls or tea warms the body and also enhances the digestive process of fats. This helps in weight loss management programs.

Antibacterial and antifungal

Cinnamon tea has the ability to boost immune function to combat bacterial and viral infections. With its high antioxidant properties, it is able to neutralize free radicals which can damage the body’s cells.

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Digestive Health

The stomach is the one that mixes chewed food with digestive juices. It helps break down food into minute substances that can be absorbed by the small intestinal tract. Cinnamon rolls and tea enhance digestive health resulting in better food absorption.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Cinnamon and Honey

Eating honey and cinnamon on a regular basis can boost your immune system and protect you from foreign bacteria and viruses. The two are ingredients rich in antioxidants with antibacterial properties. It can help improve the digestive system and fight various illnesses linked to the stomach.

Cinnamon Water Benefits

Adding cinnamon to your water is not only hydrating and delicious, it can also supply an array of health benefits, such as: delivering antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties, supporting heart health, lowering cholesterol, and potentially aiding in weight loss,

Cinnamon may be added to water. It improves its palatability and is also nutritious. It contains powerful antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage to our body cells.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These are known to exert beneficial health properties. Some of these include blood sugar regulation, fighting fungal infections, aiding peripheral circulation and uterine haemorrhaging etc.

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