5 Health Benefits of Daily Walk – Pentaglax Home Remedies

Walk every day and you will definitely be fit and stay fit as well. Walking exercises are known to promote weight loss, increase brain function, prevent heart disease and even improve vision.

Benefits of Daily Walk

Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Get into shape. Walking is known to help burn calories and thus is conducive to a weight loss program. Stomach fat can be worked on hence promoting a healthy weight. Exercise for weight loss with a daily walking program.

Check out A Practical Guide to Healthy Living

A Practical Guide to Healthy Living

We provide 10 pillars of healing that will help promote both your mind, body, spirit and emotional health. This will bring them into harmonic vibrations that promotes vibrant health and happiness.

You will learn amongst many others:

* How to master your thinking(psychology) and it’s impact on both your body and environment manifestations – health or disease

*How to master your physiological functions in your trillion body cells to help manifest vibrant health and happiness at all times.

* Health is the natural default status. Disease is an illusion.

* The power of both the nocebo and placebo effects in our health and disease manifestation.

* As within so is without. You are the farmer within your body and are subject to the immutable universal law of sowing and reaping – root cause therapy.

A Practical Guide to Healthy Living

Lifts Your Mood

Walking stimulates blood flow in the brain, bringing much-needed nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the mood is stimulated and depression is reduced. All this is due to the release of the brain endorphin hormones that are also referred to as ‘happy hormones’.

Helps Circulation

By taking a walk daily for say 20-30 minutes has been found to be of health benefit. Walking encourages blood circulation within the body. Nutrients feed the tissues and toxins are also excreted through the removal organs. Blood pressure also benefits because it is brought down. The heart muscles are also worked on and strengthened. Accumulated toxins also get eliminated from the body. Prevent heart disease with this day-to-day practice.

Improves Digestion

Walking after eating is helpful for digestion. It helps the digestive process by stimulating the stomach and intestines. This helps expedite the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine.

Increases Productivity

Stimulate your brain when you walk. Blood flow is enhanced in the brain and muscles of the body. Oxygen and nutrient supplies are also improved, and so is creativity. Overall productivity is also improved.

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