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Immunity is about your body’s ability to naturally defend itself against invading organisms such as viruses and bacteria. Our bodies produce special proteins called antibodies, which are the agents that help fight off these unwanted parasites. They are disease specific.

3 Types of Immunity

There are three main types of immunity. These are namely:

  • Innate
  • Adaptive or acquired
  • Passive

Innate immunity is derived from birth and comes from the mother. Adaptive immunity is developed as we expose ourselves to our worldly environment. Passive immunity is developed through vaccination programs.

Boosting immunity provides an important foundation for maintaining and improving your health throughout life.

5 Ways To Boost Immunity


Sleep deprivation impairs the optimal functioning of the immune system. It can lead to a chronic inflammatory response that can serve as the basis for a number of diseases. Some of these may include viral infections like the common cold. Good sleep strengthens the immune function and thus promotes rapid healing.


Exercising your body plays an important role in improving blood flow through the circulatory system. Oxygen and nutrients are transported more quickly to the cells in need, while toxic elements are carried away for excretion. The immune system also benefits from the efficient supply of nutrients and increase in the cell blood flow in the body. The lungs also help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways.


The body’s immune system is dependent on a balanced supply of nutrients for optimal function. Nutrients that play an important role include minerals and vitamins such as selenium, zinc, copper, iron, vitamins A, C, E and B complex. Any nutrient deficiency negatively impacts immune function.


Immune function is greatly affected by the stress level of the individual. High levels of stress lead to the release of corticosteroid hormones, which impair immune function. The depression and anxiety it causes can also promote a powerful inflammatory response, thus promoting the onset of illnesses such as colds, flu, herpes, and allergies.

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection is about understanding the divine nature of the soul in the body. It helps people develop mental calm and thus lowers stress levels that can lead to immune suppression.


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