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Osteoarthritis is the most common of the over 100 types of arthritis. It is usually referred to as the “wear and tear” form of arthritis. This is because the joint protective cartilage wears down. This leads to exposure and deformation of the bone. The commonly affected joints are hands, hips and knees.

Types of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is commonly divided into two categories, namely primary and secondary. The cause of primary osteoarthritis is generally unknown. On the other hand, the secondary cause has identifiable causes e.g. injuries, infections or deformities. Therefore, the difference is based on knowing the root causes.

Osteoarthritis and Your Body

Osteoarthritis is the result of articular cartilage damage affecting a number of joints in the body. They include:

  • Spinal osteoarthritis
  • Knee injuries osteoarthritis
  • Foot and ankle osteoarthritis
  • Hand osteoarthritis
  • Hip osteoarthritis

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is a progressive degenerative disease that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the affected joints. This leads to immobility and an inability to complete some daily tasks.

Loss of Flexibility

If the joints are not used, the muscles lose strength and also flexibility. Therefore, it is highly recommended to undergo an exercise regimen that is simple and applicable to the condition at hand.

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Moving joints where the cartilage has worn away can cause a grinding noise called crepitation. The born rub against each other. This creates a crackle.

Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, or osteophytes, grow in the bones affected by osteoarthritis. They cause pain and stiffness in the affected joints.

Tenderness and Swelling

An osteoarthritic joint can feel tender. There is a loss of flexibility and movement of the joint throughout its range of motion.


In osteoarthritis, the affected joints become stiff. The pain can get worse with movement. Even at rest, the joints can stiffen. However, when they are moved, the stiffness tends to decrease.

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Home Remedies For Osteoarthritis

Stay Active

Do light to moderate exercise such as cycling, walking, etc. These have been shown to be beneficial for people with osteoarthritis.

Eat A Balanced Diet

It’s very important to eat a wholesome, healthy diet that contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. These include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts and whole grains
  • Healthy fats e.g olive oil
  • Omega 3 fatty acids rich fish e.g tuna
  • Red wine
  • Low-fat dairy products

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Lose Weight

Obesity can promote osteoarthritis due to the excessive stress on weight-bearing joints. This can wear down the cartilage in the joints. Therefore, a healthy diet and exercise program are mandatory to reduce excess baggage.

Sleep Well

Osteoarthritis sufferers suffer from lack of sleep due to constant joint pain. Therefore, it is important to perform regular exercises that help in lubricating the joints and relaxation. This practice improves sleep and, with it, the quality of health.

Use Hot or Cold Packs

Hot packs are useful in osteoarthritis pain and stiffness relief. Apply a hot pack 2 or 3 times daily for 20 minutes.

A cold pack may help numb the sore area and lower pain and inflammation. They are best in cases of an arthritis flare.

Pain Management

We have over-the-counter NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as diclofenac and ibuprofen that can be used for greater pain relief. In some countries they may be prescription drugs. These should be appropriately prescribed by your doctor.

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A number of supplements are available in the market namely:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates
  • Curcumin
  • Ginger
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Resveratol
  • Boswellia
  • Vitamin D

All of these supplements can aid in the healing process and reduce pain and stiffness.

Foods to Avoid

There are a number of processed foods that are known to trigger inflammation. These must be avoided. Some products to avoid for osteoarthritis are:

  • Sugar
  • Deep fried foods
  • Saturated fats
  • Full-fat dairy
  • Trans-fats
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Alcohol
  • Preservatives

There are also a number of foods that have been observed to posses powerful anti-inflammatory properties such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Whole grains


For walking, the options range from custom-made shoes and specially designed shoe inserts called orthoses to braces, canes, crutches and even walking aids. Be sure to have these adjusted by a healthcare professional. Even a simple cane that isn’t the right height can do more harm than good.

People who suffer from osteoarthritis usually have mobility problems and need care. A number of tools are helpful to solve this problem. Some of them include:

  • Walking canes
  • Crutches
  • Braces
  • Wheel chairs
  • Walkers
  • Designed shoe inserts or orthotics

It is therefore necessary that you take control of your life. There are many lifestyle adjustments that are within your control that can positively contribute to your healing.

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4 thoughts on “6 Symptoms of Osteoarthritis and Home Remedies – Pentaglax Healthy Foods

  1. Thanks for health input, it has helped me to understand my medical condition ‘ Osteoarthritis’. It will no longer be a health burden for me.

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  2. Thanks for health input, it has helped me to understand my medical condition ‘ Osteoarthritis’. It will no longer be a health burden for me.


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