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There is no one magic bullet that can resolve over 100 forms of arthritis. Each individuals arthritis may have different causative and aggravating factors and genetics may also play a role. In my case in the year 2016, I played detective on my past lifestyle where I came to learn is where the causative factors lay. Remember, your present health circumstances are the by product of your past thinking and living lifestyles choices, arthritis included. I also came to understand more about our unique individual blood type, diet, digestion and immune health. I am a blood type O. Equipped with this genetic understanding led me to knock off all stuff that had been found to be unhealthy for my blood type and some could actually aggravate arthritis. When I made these transitions in my life, I lost weight – 123 kg to 92kg within about 4 months. Note that obesity may be one of the promoting factors in osteoarthritis, which was what I had. It’s now 6 years as I write this ebook having been arthritis free through natural interventions. Well the story is long and I cannot present here. That’s why I have documented it for those who want the exact details in my ebook Freedom From Arthritis Naturally to inspire, educate and empower other arthritis warriors that never ever give up!

I hope you will be inspired, educated and empowered to take charge of your health. You and only you are at cause in your journey of life.

Check out Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook here Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook


GET A COPY OF FREEDOM FROM ARTHRITIS NATURALLY EBOOK – A true personal documentation by Alfred Okoko, a successful arthritis warrior in 2016.

When you have arthritis, it is an outcome. It is a harvest of a lifestyle that was generated by your thought patterns in your past life. Remember your thought patterns influence your lifestyle, healthy or otherwise. Therefore tracing your past lifestyle will reveal the root cause of your present health. Taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs will not tackle the past life root causes. These are only masking the symptoms resulting in symptomatological relief. Well, if that is your desired end game then that choice is appropriate. The fact that you have to come to terms with is that you are not doing a program to cure the condition since the root cause hasn’t been addressed and is still there.

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Check out Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook here

Freedom From Arthritis Naturally ebook