What is Healing? – PentaGlax Healthy

About 90% of the diseases that afflict mankind have their origin in the mind. The mind, digestive and the immune system work hand in hand. The digestive tract is a host of trillions of healthy microbes that play a major role in our health. The gut microbiome is the term used to refer to them.Continue reading “What is Healing? – PentaGlax Healthy”

Mind Power: How to Attract What You Want – PentaGlax Healthy

Mind is power. Mind is energy. The mind is not a physical object like your brain. It is intangible. We create our outer world utilising mind power. Your present situation is the by product of how you’ve used your mind power in the past. Everything in this universe commenced in somebody’s mind as a thought.Continue reading “Mind Power: How to Attract What You Want – PentaGlax Healthy”